What’s taking so long?

It’s my fault, forgive me. I got lost on my way here, completely and totally lost. I don’t have any idea what I’m doing yet and that might be the problem. For most of the evening I’ve been crashing around in here, hoping to find my way. Sadly, I can’t report much success. Technology is definitely not my strong suit and I just kind of jumped in blind. But with both feet.

The truth is, this page may never see the light of day. It could be a complete exercise in futility — so much of what I do is anymore. So I’ll tell you this for free: life is very, very hard, probably three times harder, when you’re stoopid. Trust me on that, I speak from experience. So stay in school (although it didn’t seem to help me much) and think before you speak or act. That’s the best advice I can give you today.

With any luck your wait will be worth it. That’s my goal, anyway, so please bear with me and come back again when I know what I’m doing. Wait, no, what am I saying? Please come back way sooner than that.

And now, I’ll bid you a fond adios with a pithy quote from that witty and delightfully madcap Arnold ‘the Terminator’ Schwarzenegger: “l’ll be back.”

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