Morning people make the rest of us look bad.

They’re so perky and cheerful and alert. They get to the office early all smiles and good mornings, the rest of us stumble in and can’t even find our desks. Hell, I’m really not awake until early afternoon, when they’re starting to flag. By five o’clock they’re the walking dead and we’re just hitting our stride. We stay late and put in overtime. Where are the early risers? Home, nodding in their La-Z-Boys. Yet they’re the ones who get the ‘atta boys’ and pats on the back. The late nighters who stay and work into the wee hours? We get no recognition, no acknowledgment. Why? Because no one sees us, they’re at home asleep.

What I don’t understand is why getting up early is a virtue, but staying up late is sinful and decadent? And what is it that makes some of us early birds and others of us not? Neurological research suggests it’s a right brain / left brain thing. You buy that? Me, neither.

Years ago I worked with a woman who got up before the sun, did a couple loads of laundry, washed the kitchen floor, and served a full breakfast. Before she showed up for work. There had to be underlying mental health issues there, don’t you think? She also kept large sums of money hidden in her car. Seven or eight hundred dollars, in cash.

I suppose I should have admired her ambition and energy, but I didn’t. What’s to admire about an excess of nervous, hyperactive energy that won’t let you stay still long enough to get a good night’s rest? I’m a heavy sleeper, myself. I’ve slept through two hurricanes. And a break-in. Okay, the break-in turned out to be my mother, but I slept right through it. C’mon, I like to sleep and I’m good at it. That isn’t a sign of weak character.

So to those who would malign us, shame. Night owls aren’t all lazy pub crawlers, we’re fine, hard-working citizens. We just have a very different biorhythm than the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed set. Plus, we don’t think rising with the sun is the only proper and decent way to live. Maybe that was true in the Middle Ages, but it’s a  24/7 world nowadays.

Besides, we like mornings. The pre-dawn hours, anyway.

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5 responses to “Morning people make the rest of us look bad.”

  1. My husband is one of those early-risers (gets up most days at 4:30 or 5 am and he doesn’t even have a reason) and I really do think he needs psychiatric help and possible some more melatonin pills. If I “sleep in” past 7 am, I am considered lazy. It’s just not fair.


    1. No, it’s not. Seven in the morning is the crack of dawn. Check the yellow pages, under ‘p’. Get some sleep, Maineiac, and keep in touch.


  2. Terrific, thanks. I’ll check it out. You’re a smasher, too.


    1. Should you still have interest, it’s the post from May 11th, 2011, titled “All too often, children are accompanied by adults.” And thank you for the kind compliment, made my Tuesday! :)


  3. You’re going to rapidly tire of my commenting spree, still archive-diving here:

    This brings to mind a text message exchange I posted over at Cradle Rocking, betwixt a dear friend and yours truly. I’d copy/paste it here, but doing so seems rather presumptuous and self-promoting. My point is, you’d likely get a huge kick out of it, similar as we seem to be.

    You’re a smasher. I’ve added you to my blogroll. Cheers! :)


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