Half-baked, a new type of post.

Real, honest-to-goodness ideas are hard to come by, they’re rare as hen’s teeth. Hang on, I shouldn’t speak for everyone, should I? Maybe you get stunning, knee-buckling ideas all the time, regular as clockwork. Not me. Once in a blue moon, an original idea will bloom for an instant, a blink. If I’m lucky and the planets are in a grand trine, I’m able to grab it before it’s gone. Then I dance at the very epiphanous honor.

Half-baked is not for those ideas, the ones with wings; half-baked is for the others, the runts. It’s also a place for new discoveries, stuff I stumble across, news of interest, curiosities and sundry. You’ll find it posted here on an occasional, but unscheduled, basis. Please don’t forget to stop by, because you’re slated to be our next Guest of Honor. No kidding, you.

The Mariachi Mystery Tour — have you heard these dudes? They were featured on NPR last week and they’re worth a listen. Particularly if you’re a Beatles fan. Or a Mariachi fan. If you’re both, it’s your lucky day (better buy a lottery ticket). These guys take the early Beatles songs — And I Love Her, Yesterday, Magical Mystery Tour, et al — and give them a Mariachi twist. I’m not a fan of Mariachi bands, but when it’s the Beatles?  I bet you can’t sit still through Magical Mystery Tour. Terrific and fun and bouncy.

 Jo Nesbo — although he’s constantly compared to Steig Larsson, this guy is way better. His books are more addictive than anything in your local pharmacy. Seriously. I only start one as a reward for doing something I don’t want to. Right now, I have two of his books as yet unopened and that’s fine with me. You should read them in order, so you don’t get lost, starting with The Redbreast. So far, my favorite is The Redeemer. You can find Nesbo’s books at amazon and bn.com, maybe even half.com

An accidental vegetarian — here I thought this was only me. It’s not, I just googled it and there are thousands of results. I didn’t start out to be a vegetarian, the thought didn’t occur to me. I still have the odd cheeseburger or fried chicken. But I don’t like the idea of eating animals, especially when they’re on a platter in their original, albeit cooked, form. Like the Thanksgiving turkey or the roasted pig at a luau or pig roast. I can’t do it, I can’t eat what was obviously a turkey or, just as obviously, a pig or frog or chicken. The biggest mystery is: how can anyone eat tongue? Doesn’t that border on cannibalism and how could you eat something that can taste you? Ew, ptui.

Well, that about covers it. Happy trails, until we meet again.

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7 responses to “Half-baked, a new type of post.”

  1. This group rocks!!


  2. Robert Martinez Avatar

    I saw Mariachi Mystery Tour in L.A. a few weeks ago and they are just great…the coolest concept and top notch musicians will really make you smile. I bought their album (they only have one) and instantly became a fan.


    1. After hearing them on NPR my mood improved noticeably and I downloaded their album from iTunes. Thanks, Robert.


    2. Okay, hold it, let’s back up a second. Are you the Rob Martinez, the musical genius from Mariachi Mystery Tour?!?


  3. I cannot eat any type of seafood, not even tuna fish. The *entire* food category: No. Bloody. Way. EVER. No matter how it’s prepared. Restaurants like Red Lobster are my idea of Hell on earth. Just last night, I accidentally walked by the seafood department of an unfamiliar grocery store, and had to hold my breath while shielding my eyes with one hand, praying I wouldn’t publicly sick all over the floor. How people can stomach sushi, I will never know. It’s lucky for me I wasn’t born in China or Japan or…Maine. Guh.

    … Has nothing to do with allergies, it all just thoroughly squicks me to the point of feeling physically ill simply thinking about it. Ooogh. Shutting up now! >_< xxx


    1. So Sea World is out?


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