: half-baked II :

Welcome to another edition of half-baked, the half-assed post. This has been a truly crappy week, what with one thing and another, and I just don’t have the proper attitude to do a proper post. I’m cranky, and maybe you’re cranky, too, so let’s just move on to happier things. Ready?

Amy Sedaris — is the sister of author / humorist David Sedaris. She’s also an author, most notably of a book entitled  I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence. What a gas. My copy of that book is a bedraggled, well-thumbed, tattered, dog-eared and beloved keepsake. With chapters like 15-Minute Meals in 20 Minutes and one called Pantyhose, Crafts, and Good Ideas, there’s something for everyone. If for no other reason, buy it for the recipes, they’re wonderful. There’s hospitality advice for all occasions: blind dates, a visit from a rich relative, entertaining children and / or the elderly. Although, if you’re easily offended, better stick to Martha Stewart. It’s, how should I say this, earthy, yes.

Pink Martini — several years ago a colleague recommended these guys to me. This is a band of twelve musicians from Portland and their music is hard to pin down. According to their bio, they’re influenced by the elaborate musicals of the 30s and 40s, but it doesn’t end there. At times, they sound like a French music hall or a festival in Rio. They’ve played with a number of symphonies around the world, as well. In other words, Pink Martini is very unique. If you’re in the mood for something fun, give them a listen on iTunes. My favorites are Tea for Two with Jimmy Scott and Hey Eugene.

What’s Ahead — I have a couple of ideas for new posts in the days ahead, one or two might be departures from the traditional format. Or they may not. Personally, I like variety, so I’d like to try a couple different things. If they don’t work out as planned, well, at least I will have tried. I’d love to find some fresh, unique ways to entertain and amuse you all. You deserve it.

Oh, my, look at the time. I didn’t mean to keep you this long, so you all skedaddle off to a great weekend. Adios, boys and girls.

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4 responses to “: half-baked II :”

  1. Early saturday morning, just grabbed my first coffee of the day and omg there is a fresh post from Publik to go with it. Now that is epicness!! That might be the one good thing about timezones, that I get all the really good stuff in the morning with my first coffee and hey, what is better than starting the day with a smile and a giggle, right?

    I’m very sorry about your week being so crappy. I gonna send you some of my luck, a fresh handbrewed coffee (fixes almost everything, well mayhaps cept mole bites and earth quakes) and a hug. You take your bad luck, stuff into a package and send it right to my neighbors. *evil giggle* Hopefully than the next week will be much much better for you. =)

    OMG I just love that Muppet’s version of Beethoven*s Ode to Joy. It gave me a major laughin fit (still trying to get back on my chair). Never saw it here in germany, guess they just refuse to show us the really good stuff.

    Thank you so much for writing for us. Your posts are always the highlight of the day for me. Looking forward to your next one. =)

    Have a terrific sunday and be safe.


    1. Would you do that for me, Min? Would you send me some of your luck? That’s so sweet, I used up all of mine years ago and don’t have any left. Not a drop, so I’ll welcome whatever you can spare. Thanks, for the coffee and the hug, too. I’ve just sent my bad luck off to your neighbors, it should be arriving shortly.

      I bet I’ve seen the Beaker video a hundred times and it still cracks me up, I’m glad you enjoyed it, too. It’s a pleasure writing for people like you and I’ll be back next week with more. Keep on smiling and have a terrific weekend.


  2. Sorry for the craptastic week. May this next week be better. Way better. Thanks for the Beaker video. Excellent.


    1. Thanks, I could use a better week for a change. I love Beaker and Bunsen Honeydew, oh, and the Swedish Chef. I’m glad you liked the video.


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