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There’s something to be said for daily routines; they’re familiar territory in a chaotic landscape. Oh, don’t pretend you don’t have one, we all do. We’re creatures of habit, you and I and the other humans. We start off with a morning routine and wind down with a bedtime ritual.

In between we slip comfortably into the same everyday patterns: we take our coffee the same way, use the same brand of toothpaste, go to the same barber, watch the same shows. Our routines speed us through the day on automatic pilot.

Then. Along comes fall with its all-new season of all-new shows at all-new times, and — kablooie. There goes your carefully crafted, oh-so-familiar routine, right out the window. Great, now how will I know what time it is? Or what day it is? Nothing is where it’s supposed to be. My cues are gone and everything’s out of whack.

The spiffy, new fall schedule, with all its changes and additions and cancellations, is disorienting. And, may I add, uninspired? It’s also a nasty reminder that I watch way too much television.

As a result of this upheaval, I’m perpetually tardy for social functions. The dog doesn’t get walked. And the days run together, each one indistinguishable from the next. I show up for church on Tuesday, the post office on Sunday, and miss book club altogether. I’m early for luncheons and late to weddings, a no-show at parties.

Autumn has become, for me, a season of cold shoulders and sincere apologies.

However, with the passage of time, a dependable pattern will slowly emerge and a new routine will fall into place. All will again be right be the world. Just in time for the holiday specials and prime time football games to throw a heavy, clanking wrench into the works. Ha-ppy New Year!

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  1. Snoring Dog Studio Avatar
    Snoring Dog Studio

    I’m less glued to routines than I used to. Something always seems to come up to disrupt them and then that seems to set my day all wrong from that point on. My one routine that I don’t think I can ever break is listening to my radio before I fall asleep. The day just isn’t finished without that.


    1. It’s a nice send off, isn’t it?


  2. Ah yes, I can relate. I know what you’ve written to be true. My bedtime was earlier before Fall started. Now, as the sun seems to say goodnight earlier, my eyelids want to close earlier. Must stay awake until 10 … must. stay. awake.


    1. Just wait until we set the clocks back. Oh, boy.


  3. hhhmm can’t really say anything bout this topic, since no TV for about 6 years, but yes, I can remember how my routine got screwed up every time they changed the program. I hated it. But I think it is more about getting the daily routine messed up than the stupid TV program. Daily routine gives us safety and isn’t that something we all need in these times?


    1. We do, I love TV, though — probably too much. Heck, I still miss Mary Tyler Moore and Taxi, but I still have my routines.


      1. I will always love Mary Tyler Moore and Taxi; some newer shows have paused my remote a few seconds, but no longer. Back to my routines — knitting, reading, blogging, etc.


        1. Hi, bookbum, I hear that. There are a couple of new shows I like, but there’s not a Mary Tyler Moore Show in the bunch. Shows like that don’t come along twice in a lifetime, I guess. You’re lucky to have knitting.


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