: spam? email or canned? :

Really, how do you know? While this is often a topic of conversation, it’s tough to know which spam is being discussed if you come in in the middle. Or if you like to eavesdrop.

“Spam is killing me!” Bummer, which spam? Either one could be responsible.

Hormel, maker of the tinned variety, has surrendered their trademark protection fight. The company now only asks that all capital letters be used when writing about their product: SPAM. To be followed by a noun such as Luncheon Meat.

The problem there is, we don’t have dialogue balloons over our heads. And no one would actually say, “What? SPAM Luncheon Meat again?” The issue, in my opinion, remains unresolved.

Xerox and Kleenex, they mostly won their battles against becoming a generic term. We copy documents now, instead of Xeroxing. We ask for a tissue, rather than a Kleenex.

But spam, as a synonym for junk email, caught on fast and spread like wildfire. Hormel didn’t have a chance, it was a losing battle from the start. For making the term so freaking popular, Hormel blames Monty Python. Do you wonder why?

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4 responses to “: spam? email or canned? :”

  1. This is hilarious. I loved that show. Your comments on Spam vs. SPAm are funny too. The whole situation must be poignant for SPAM. Personally, I hate Spam, and Spam, and SPAM with Spam, and my eggs with SPAM, and my eggs with Spam, and my lunch with SPAM, and my after lunch work with Spam.


    1. No? How about SPAM and baked beans and spam? I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never been adventurous enough to try it. I’ ve seen it in the store, though. Thanks, Steven.


  2. hehe that’s too funny! What I do not quite understand is, why don’t they rename their product? Maybe to HACKER . . . oh no, wait a second, that is already taken too. I really feel sorry for this company. I bet the product manager who came up with that name got fired.


    1. But, but, but … SPAM is SPAM and always will be. Do you have it in Germany?


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