: a little sunday fun :

First, let’s take a look at the new short from Pixar:

Okay, let’s move on to online pranks. They’re a great way to liven up a lazy Sunday afternoon. Let’s begin with google easter eggs:

• Go to google and type a-s-k-e-w in the search box. It’s silly, but entertaining.

• Go to google and type illuminati in backwards and add .com. See where it takes you.

• For google chrome users, type do a barrel roll in the search box. Then hang on.

> Now head over to Wistia, a video-hosting site, and their About page. While the rollover function is perky and bouncy, try typing in D-A-N-C-E.  http://wistia.com/about/team

> Think you’ve seen all the great 404 messages? Here’s one you might’ve missed: http://www.apartmenthomeliving.com/404.html

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