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Much to my surprise, I’ve discovered a kind of benefit to the always untimely end of daylight savings time. In the past I’ve gotten annoyed and depressed when it gets dark at four in the afternoon, but this year I tried to look for the bright side. It wasn’t easy to find, either, given that the bright side, too, grows a little dim in this gloom.

The extra hour of sleep is nice, no question, but really, one hour? Is that supposed to compensate us for four long months of bleak, sunless living? Fat chance. Who’s responsible for this? Who? Isn’t winter already punishment enough? Taking away the sunshine just adds insult to injury. By the time January gets here I’ll have turned into Hans Moleman.

Oh, and the asteroid that’s going to fly by this evening? Well, it’s making good time zipping along at 29,000 mph (in your face NASCAR) and is scheduled to pass closest to earth at 6:28 pm. Don’t expect much, though. The thing is dark charcoal in color, so sightings will be faint. Even with a decent telescope. If it was daytime, well, maybe we’d have a shot at seeing it. Damn daylight savings..

The one positive aspect of early nightfall, and there is only one, is how much better I look in low light situations. Like the pitch dark. The laugh lines fade, the crow’s feet disappear, the stray, untweezed eyebrow hairs vanish. Flaws are nicely hidden by the dark. No one laughs when I have on one blue sock and one black sock, because they can’t tell in the gloomy light. Hell, they can’t tell I’m wearing two different shoes — between the ankle-deep snow and the dark.

At my age, I should be grateful for the help. Bright, sunny days do me no favors. They have the harsh, unflattering glare of a lighted, magnified make-up mirror. I avoid those like the plagues they are. I should do the same with sunlight, like Dracula did.

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  1. Bah humbug to caring about appearance or flattery. Just as long as my clothes aren’t mismatched and I don’t look like something that just crawled out from under the bed… Well, on go my light house and lava lamp, I love candles too. And Christmas is coming in the not too distant future, and that really helps keep things from feeling too down. Of course, once Christmas and New Year’s is over, I start looking forward to the days lengthening, and eventually spring, then the warmest, brightest summer days once again.


    1. Hello, misscapri! The anticipation and bustle of the holidays is a great distraction. And, you’re right, when they’re over the pining for long, sunny days starts in earnest. Thanks for visiting.


  2. I’m in on the candles – when the electricity went out recently due to a storm, I was looking GOOD.

    One positive on changing the clocks – when I left for work @ 6 AM today it was a little bit light out….



  3. Cecelia has an excellent point…. living by candlelight. I like it.
    My favorite part about DST is the fact that the boys go to bed at 7pm without moaning and groaning. Early dark is good when the kids are young.


  4. I think we should all go back to candle light, I look gorgeous in candle light and my house looks great. So as well as low light go candle light! c


    1. Hi, Cecilia! Isn’t it funny how lighting affects us? Candlelight is awfully flattering, I have to agree with you there : ) The glow from a computer screen, no, not becoming at all.


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