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It’s Black Friday, you know, prime shopping time. Malls and shopping centers are as good as under siege and I wanted to join the crowd. Already today, an over-zealous Walmart shopper used pepper spray to shoo away rival buyers from the Xboxes. She wanted first dibs.

As a rule, I steer clear of Walmart from November until February. You should, too. Modern day holiday shopping has taken on an element of danger. Online shopping, that’s for me. I can park myself wherever I want, plus a shirt and shoes are optional. I don’t even have to brave the cold and snow.

But I digress

Socks. Curiously, they’re my weakness. There’s no sweeter feeling than wearing fluffy new socks, none. They put a spring in my step and a song in my heart; they transform an average day into a glorious event. Most people don’t share my enthusiasm or pretend to understand it, but I believe in the power of new socks. And underwear, there’s magic in those, too.

My supply of socks had started looking kind of down on their luck, with threadbare heels and dingy soles. They were thin and tired and out of shape. When I’d pull a pair from the sock drawer, I could hear the weary sigh. They’d been worn to a frazzle. Not all of them, mind you, just the everyday socks. The dress socks are in fine shape, bright and snug and cheerful.

Then, this afternoon, the mood struck: I had to buy new socks. Now. So I hopped in the car and took off for the mall. Of course, the parking lot was packed tight with cars and the stores were teeming with rabid shoppers, but the sock department was wide open. I browsed at my leisure, unbothered. Finally deciding on a lovely 3-pack of luxuriously thick, cottony socks — on sale for eight bucks, normally fifteen. I splurged and bought two packs, that’s six pairs. I am rich with toasty, beautiful, cushy socks.

I could join a marching band and still have happy feet. I could scale Everest in these babies, they’re some seriously thick, warm socks. I might not be able to get shoes on, but who cares? I have new socks and, oh, life is good.

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  1. Like Kim, I get you. I love socks. In September 2010, I wrote the following:

    Congratulations on your new 6 pairs of socks. I may see if there are any good Cyber-Monday sock deals worth snagging. I won’t venture to the store … I’ll buy my socks online from the comfort of my home (in socks).


    1. Great post, LD. You’re a turtleneck fan, too? That’s what I wear year round — turtlenecks and Levi’s and sneakers. That’s my uniform. I never thought about how much easier it is to sneak up on people in socks, I think I’ll give it a try.

      I’m pretty psyched about so many new socks. I’m headed for weeks of bliss. Good luck online, I know you’ll find some great deals and totally awesome socks. I should’ve shopped online, but I was in a big damn hurry.

      Thanks for dropping in.


  2. I have kept up with all your bloggs over the last couple of weeks and I think I understand where you are coming from.


    1. You’ve made my day, parentingandus, thanks for keeping up with me. I hope it was worth your while and you’ll keep it up.

      You probably understand where I’m coming from better than I do. Come back soon.


    1. You’re the only person who’s ever said such a thing. It’s nice, thanks, Kim.


  3. I love socks! I love them so hard! I can’t tell you how many times I put socks on my Christmas list. A dozen at least. Sadly, not everyone understands that not all socks are created equal. I’ve got some pretty crappy socks that might as well be left at a shoe store for their “try it on” stock. Thin, weak, pooey. I’m glad you get it.


    1. Wimpy, skinny socks are fine for dressy shoes, but I like the sturdy heavyweights for everyday. They keep my feet nice and warm all winter long. Do you have socks on your list this year, Angie?


  4. ok is it me or is this the third time this blog has posted with a different picture of socks each time??


    1. It isn’t you. It’s me, I am so sorry. The damn computer is still not working right. All kinds of issues have popped up with WordPress and Firefox.

      I apologize for the confusion and interruptions. Please forgive me and ignore the notifications. Have a nice weekend.


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