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There’s one thing I can do well, as good as or better than anyone else. No one had to teach me, I didn’t have to take a class or buy a self-help book. This is a natural talent and it was mine from the start, coming as easily as breathing. I can sleep like nobody’s business.

Any teacher I had after junior high will confirm this. No, wait, I stayed awake in college, so any teacher post-junior high, but pre-college will back me up. See, here’s the thing: I have a tragically low threshold for boredom. It has the effect of a Schedule IV narcotic. Happily, I’m able to keep my eyes open through tedious conversations and activities these days, but my mind is usually busy elsewhere, far, far away. Daydreaming.

Like just then. It looks like I was focused on the task at hand, typing this, but really I was thinking about lunch. Picturing my toasted cheese sandwich and dill pickle spear, still shiny with pickle juice. I’m a multi-tasker like that.

Great, now I’ve forgotten where I was going with this. Oh, right, sleeping. Accomplished as I am in the art, I sometimes have trouble getting there, to sleep. Until I discovered pockets. Yep, those places you put your hands. Coats have them, pants, shorts, and shirts have them. Pajamas, too. They’re wonderfully relaxing places to stick your hands when you go to bed. Comforting, even.

I’m a side sleeper myself, sometimes on my back, and those positions lend themselves to using the warm, cozy confines of pockets. Your entire body seems to fall into place, from shoulders to knees, incidentally leaving you in a casual, debonair pose. If such things matter to you at bedtime.

The one caution I should give is, empty your pockets before bed. Cell phones and car keys and hard candy won’t make for a comfortable experience. Tissues are okay, if you take them out of the box first. And folding money, sleepwalkers might find it comes in handy. But a flashlight is out.

The point is, there’s no need for a sleeping pill when your pajamas have pockets. On bitterly cold nights, stick some pocket warmers in there and you’re snug as a bug in a rug. A cup of cocoa wouldn’t hurt, either.

Now that night starts falling at three in the afternoon, these things are good to keep in mind. Or in your pocket. Sweet dreams.

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14 thoughts on “: zzzzzzzz :

  1. Is that what those pockets are for? Who knew? You just reinvented my sleeping experience! Until now, I was sleeping on wadded up kleenexes and the morning-before newspaper bag. That was no good. I feel my quality of life improving at this very moment.

    P.S. Angie + Sleep = True Love


    1. Gosh, I hope it’s not just me, Angie. Give it a try and see what happens, but, yeah, clean out your pockets first. Thanks for stopping by, it was good to hear from you.


  2. I know someone who claims to have a similar talent/skill/knack for sleeping. ;)

    Oh, my pajamas have pockets too but I’ve never slept in them with my hands in those pockets. I might try that tonight.


    1. Please do. Stuff your hands in your pockets and see how you like it. I swear your whole body just falls into place and off you go with the sandman. Let me know if the pocket thing works for you, Nel.


      1. At first I felt funny; laughing and asking myself “Why am I doing this?”. Next thing I know, my alarm was ringing. It actually does work. It also keeps my hands warm.

        Thanks for the tip, PW. :)


  3. Note to self: get some pyjamas with pockets. Not because I have problems sleeping, but because I have no place to put the arm I am sleeping on. If pockets solve this then hurrah!


    1. Put them on your Christmas list, suzymarie. I bet you’ll love them — I hope. Let me know how they work out, good or bad, okay? I’d love to know : )


  4. How wonderful, i also have no problem sleeping, as long as i wear a long nightie.. and read, I have to have a book.. the book is my pocket! c


  5. Pajamas with pockets? I’ve never seen pajamas with pockets.
    I love my flannel sheets. With the electric blanket turned on an hour before bed, I can wrap my hands in the warmth of the heated flannel.
    Yes, I agree – pockets are a comforting thing when going to bed.
    This is why I love winter. The bed is cozy.


    1. Hey, LD! Maybe they call them lounge pants, but they’re flannel pajamas to me. Unfortunately, long johns don’t have pockets, I wear those to bed, too. I’m at odds sans pockets.

      Flannel sheets and electric blankets are heaven, aren’t they? I love being warm — summer, winter, spring, and fall. Cozy is always good, too.


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