: a vote for ketchup :

Do you remember the post, please put down the ketchup? Did you like it? Enough to vote for it in the transatlantic diablog awards? I did, but that’s just me.

If you’d like to get in on the voting, too, you can cast your ballot here. For me, publikworks, or the nominee of your choice. There are quite a few good ones, you should check out Not War and Peace and Peas And Cougars. Fortunately you have a week to make up your mind.

Oh, and remember, vote early and vote often (it’s anonymous and completely legal). Thank you for your support.

14 thoughts on “: a vote for ketchup :

  1. I was going to turn off my computer and go to bed, but I decided voting for you and tweeting this to others was more important. And, I am a liker of ketchup. Crazy, crazy!


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