: happy birthday, lisa :

My oldest friend, who lives far, far away and also happens to go by the name of Lisa, is having a birthday. This is for her and I’m using the German video because it’ll confuse the hell out of her. Plus, it’s the cleanest version I could find

It’s at the top of the post because she hates to read; she pretends to read the posts, but she really just watches the videos and looks at the pictures. Of course, there’s a chance she doesn’t even do that.

If you’d like to join me in wishing her a happy birthday, pop your greeting in a comment. I can’t promise she’ll read them, but you’re welcome to try. And if today is your birthday, too, please consider this my birthday card. I hope you have a spectacular day!

Now let’s all hide behind a widget and yell surprise!

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  1. Thank you!…to all the faithful followers of publikworks for the birthday wishes today, from the ‘other’ Lisa! I want to go on record by saying that this was probably the best birthday I’ve EVER had….thanks to my dearest and best friend!!! Also known as my eighth grade “partner in crime”! She needs to share some of the highlights with you!!…it will be entertaining! Thanks again!

    I am the biggest fan of publikworks and read the posts every week…ok, the pictures are great, too!!


    1. They would never confirm that, yes, it was Michael Jackson, but there were no denials. No one ever stepped up to take credit for being the singer, either. Leads me to believe it was MJ.

      Thanks, LD.


  2. Happy Birthday Lisa. It’s a beautiful morning here in London, hope the sun is (or soon will be) shining on you wherever you are.

    But, beware. Open that clip with caution. I’ve got the Happy Birthday Lisa song trapped inside my head now, going round and round and…


    1. You, too? I went to bed with it in there and woke up with it still playing. I’m tempted to turn on a Sousa march. How can I make it up to you, Eileen? I’m sorry.


  3. Happy birthday, Lisa! I don’t know you but I like your friend Lisa. She’s a good egg and she has good taste in married celebrities who may or may not end up under her tree this year. Oops, I hope you weren’t planning to get her the same.

    Cheers! Have a great one!


    1. Now that you mention it, how’s that Ed Burns thing coming along? Have you gotten in touch with him yet?

      You’re too funny, Angie, your comments crack me up. Thanks for playing along.


    1. My oldest friend is having a birthday and I wanted to surprise her. Her name is Lisa, too. It’s the clip from the Simpson’s when Michael Jackson sang Happy Birthday, Lisa to Lisa Simpson. It’s sweet.


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