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These are exciting times, are they not? I mean, scientists are closing in on the God particle (formally called the Higgs boson) and that’s thrilling because, well, something to do with mass and subatomic physics and colliding particles. According to some (but certainly not all), Einstein’s theory of gravity has been disproved. Wowie!

Then, too, economies worldwide teeter on the brink. New, life-sustaining planets are being discovered. And the iPad 3 is preparing to launch, maybe in March. See? Exciting, exhilarating times.

Then why am I scared to death? This promising new year, this 2012, looms before us filled with promise and mystery and incredible possibilities. Am I prepared for the changes this new year will bring? Well, I bought a new calendar — Ansel Adams’ photography — and I got a new license plate sticker. My expectations aren’t very high, so they won’t have far to fall.

I probably should have done more to get ready, such as visit a psychic. Or dig a foxhole. Or pray ardently for a miracle. Because, if the last three years are any indication of what lies in store, I’m in deep weeds. I’ve had three straight crop failures, bing bang boom, every seed I planted and carefully tended went toes up. And, frankly, I’m unnerved. Another earworm infestation will do me in, to continue with the agricultural analogy.

On the other hand, there’s a slim possibility 2012 will be a refreshing change from the previous three years. My hopes and wishes are necessarily small, about this big, so maybe things will turn out better than I think. I wouldn’t bet money on it, but unlikelier things have happened. Haven’t they? Aw, geez.

Seems I’m trapped in that ‘devil you know vs. the devil you don’t’ conundrum. I know 2011, dull but harmless. 2012 is a stranger, offering candy. It could be a freaking disaster or it could be a pleasant surprise, I have no idea which. If I had to guess, I’d say I have a 20% percent chance for a pretty decent year or an 80% likelihood of a rootworm outbreak. Okay, I’ll be an optimist, 30/70.

Hope springs eternal and all that. Even so, I’m crossing my fingers and looking into full spectrum insecticides.

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16 thoughts on “: scram. no, wait, stay there :

  1. Happy new year. Personally I think this whole “God particle” thing is ridiculous and so is the 2012 world-end stuff. That hoax came from a fictitious movie. War Of The Worlds again.


  2. Thermodynamics will definitely tell you things are not going to be better this year as one of it laws states that the degree of randomness of the universe is increasing! However, I am an optimistic person though Thermodynamics is one of the foundations of my Mechanical Engineering Degree so I will bet all of my money to a great and wonderful 2012! The good thing is I wouldn’t loose much if things turn up otherwise.:P Happy New Year PW!


    1. Either way, we’re in for an interesting year, don’t you think? I’ve got a weird, anxious feeling and I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but I can’t wait to find out. Happy New Year to you, dadispen.


    1. Hi, Emily!

      You know, that’s wonderful advice. For everyone. In fact, I’m going to make it my New Year’s resolution. Thanks for stopping by, you made my day.


  3. Is the God-particle really called that? (*planning to look it up*)

    2011 was pretty ho-hum for me too but I’m still hoping that things will change for the better – economies, scientific discoveries, etc. Am I being too optimistic?

    Happy new year (and new beginnings and new full-spectrum insecticide) to you, PW!


    1. Hi, Nel, happy New Year! You can’t be too optimistic, can you? Things will absolutely get better; spring will come again and the pool will open — all will be right with the world. It’s the bumpy part between now and then that spooks me.

      I hope your year is amazing, Nel.


  4. Okay, I admit… that God particle thing – that huge contraption under the earth … Lisa, that thing freaks me out. I am afraid mankind is going to explode the earth trying to figure out how the universe was made. Scares me – freaks me out – and well, I wish boys didn’t have to take things apart to see how stuff works. *sigh*

    You left off the fact that the Mayan calendar has the world ending in May 2012. Wait – maybe it is October 2012. I forget the month.

    Yep, the future looks bright – or it will, just before it blows up! Ha. Kidding.

    2012 will be a good year. Promise.


    1. I know! They should put their minds to better use, like finding a way to make really good calorie-free brownies. Or developing a standard size for women’s clothes. Those would be useful. What will knowing the cause of mass do for me? Zip.

      Do you think the Mayans were in touch with that Harold Camping dude?

      Thank you for stopping by, LD, I’m going to hold you to your promise.


  5. I feel much better things ahead for you in 2012, Lisa (and I’m partly psychic so I should know…sincerely, a psychic told me this once).

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year holiday and an even better coming year!


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