: is it over yet? :

Heck, no, it’s just starting. I’m talking about winter — stoopid, stoopid winter. The season of pointy icicles and towering snowdrifts. You’ve undoutedly seen the idyllic images of ice skaters swanning around on frozen ponds, kids throwing snowballs, apple-cheeked people making snow angels. Don’t be fooled.

They’re nuts.

Anyone with a lick of sense is inside with the heat turned up to 8oº and a bowl of soup parked in front of them. The lucky ones have a blazing fire to warm their frostbitten noses and chilled bones. As for me, I make do with a dog I use like a heating pad. He isn’t always happy in his role, but I’m bigger.

Now that the holidays are over, winter has begun in earnest. No more good tidings or jingle bells to distract us. It’s just us and winter — a cage match. But you’re ready with your snowblower and ice scraper and snow tires, right? Well, good luck to you. Winter has a vast and brutal arsenal: blizzards, ice storms, sub-zero temperatures, frigid winds. And you can forget looking nice, you’ll look just like everyone else: big and puffy.

That’s the second worst part of winter, the claustrophobia. Winter coats take on the charm of straight jackets along about mid-January; you dream of the days when you could move your arms, when you could walk down store aisles without knocking stuff over, when you could untie your damn hood. Sidewalks shrink to the width of a snow shovel’s blade. Windshields have a narrow swath of clean, a porthole to the outside. Fender boogers, those blocks of frozen slush stuck to car fenders, litter potholed roads. A wonderland it’s not.

This afternoon, I happened to glance out the window, a mistake to be sure. The usual tableau of stark, black trees and matted, yellowed grass was gone. So what to my wondering eyes did appear? A heavy snowfall, flakes the size of cotton balls blotting out the rest of the world. This was not a sight for sore eyes, I promise you. My heart fell into my shoes and visions of misery danced in my head.

But guess what. It stopped. As suddenly as it started, the snow stopped falling. The Pantone Warm Gray 6 sky cleared briefly and the sun beamed triumphantly on the newly fallen snow. My heart jumped out of my shoes and soared. It was a beautiful moment, but we’re not out of the woods yet. We’re closer, though. Tomorrow we’ll be closer still to the glorious spring I know awaits us all.


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18 thoughts on “: is it over yet? :

  1. The first night last year when I felf the cold nipping at my poor fingers and at my feet, I thought to myself ‘Heck! Christmas and the white snowy wonderland aren’t worth this! NOTHING is worth this cold!’

    Seriously now, you guys! :) Every season has its own charm. Just that with winter, the shorter it is, the more it manages to charm me.


  2. Without the winter how could we enjoy the spring? Everything come to an end even those long,cold days. I wish i could go outside and enjoy the snow, but this is another story. Keep warm :D


    1. Hi, Spiral Dreamer! In my heart I know you’re right and winter does have it’s own unique beauty. I should just learn to accept it. I’m happy you stopped by, it’s so nice to hear from you.


    1. Oh, thank you for not gloating. You could have, but you didn’t and I’m very grateful. Cold, but grateful. Thanks for stopping by, I get a kick out of your blog, wimpy-mom.


  3. Damn you, Old Man Winter! I hate that dude. I’m glad you have that sweet four-legged guy with you. Trivia: Did you know people used to sleep with dogs to stay warm? That’s where the phrase “two-dog (three…etc.) night” came from, I recently read. Aren’t books neat?


    1. Books are the best, Angie. I love them, maybe too much.

      You live in the midwest, you know how cold it is around these parts. I need at least one more dog, a big one, to be as warm as I want to be. Or a husband.


  4. May I suggest moving to England? We get about 2 inches of snow a year. Our climate looks something like this: Spring: Rain, Summer: Rain, Autumn: Rain, Winter: Rain ;) We love it! Excellent dog usage by the way, bravo.


    1. Hello, jessseeker, how nice of you to stop by. You’re right, I should move to England, at least your weather is consistent. And I don’t mind rain nearly as much as cold. I wish the dog shared your enthusiasm : )

      Please stop by again, jessseeker, it was great to hear from you.


  5. Maybe the color of the year, Tangerine Tango PANTONE 18-2120 is ‘warm’ enough for you. (I enjoyed the Pantone reference.)
    No snow here – but cold temps and a harsh wind. 23 last night. That’s cold for GA. A friend of mine sent a picture of her thermometer in Fairbanks – the temp was 42 below. I’ll take the balmy 23 degrees, thanks.

    Stay warm, Lisa. Spring – as you said – is right around the corner!


    1. Ooh, good color, LD

      The wind makes being outside so much worse than it has to be. It just goes right through me. My heart goes out to your friend, I don’t know how Alaskans survive the winter. They ought to get medals.

      Put an extra log on the fire, Lenore.


  6. That is just not fair! Why did you get all the snow and we here are stuck with this nasty bah weather. Our temps are above zero, it is raining, the sky is grey (actually it is more like a 12 hours dusk) and the wind is nasty. Not only it looks ugly it also feels that way. Oh what would I give for a good solid snow storm and temps below zero. But nope, we gonna have to stick with this pita weather till may (if we get lucky) and then (because of lack of winter) we will be swarmed by bugs and moskitos again (which will again ruin our karma due to extensive bug swatting). *pout*


    1. There’s still two months left, plenty of time for a blizzard or two to cook up. The snow storm we had yesterday only lasted five or ten minutes, every flake has since melted I’m happy to say. Hang in there, min, we have a way to go yet.


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