: newsweek has issues, i have problems :

I’m a right brain person in a left brain world. This is a fact; I’ve been tested. Initially, I was heartened by these results, by proof that, yes, I did indeed have a brain. Albeit one so functionally lopsided I should lean precariously to the right.

Most people are left brain dominant or, at the very least, have the benefit of a functioning left lobe. I don’t. I am bereft of logic and there isn’t a practical bone in my body. My decisions are no more than hunches, I don’t do a cool, reasoned analysis of the facts or waste time on details. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how I wound up with a 5-year warranty on a 3-year lease. Among other absurdities.

It explains a bunch of things, actually. Why I’m labeled a scatterbrained troublemaker, for example. Why I color outside the lines and get bored stiff in structured environments and chose to major in English, instead of chemical engineering. That last one, the English part, baffles people. With so many lucrative options, why pick a dead-end like English? I don’t know.

Neither do I know why I’m in this blunk. That’s a word I made up, blunk, shorthand for blog funk. I have plenty of time, a working computer, a sunny day, everything I need to bang out a fairly decent post. Everything except an idea and words, those are missing.

Please bear with me. Thank you.

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10 thoughts on “: newsweek has issues, i have problems :

  1. Great visual to go along with your post! It’s perfect. I’m right brained too. With just a smattering of left brain, which tends to drive my right brain crazy. If it makes you feel better about the English degree, I just read in the paper this week that college graduates with art degrees (of course) AND architecture degrees will have the most trouble finding jobs. So architects may be the new starving artists. Maybe they can work on that leaning tower?

    P.S. Speaking of Pisa and college, the best pizza place ever came out of my old college town — The Leaning Tower of Pizza. I bet in all your time spent as a copywriter, you couldn’t even hope to achieve that level of sheer brilliance ;)


    1. C’mon, Angie, who could? The Leaning Tower of Pizza is a stroke of genius.

      Knowing me, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I returned to school for an MFA in Artistic Expression or Painting. Or maybe architecture. Thanks for stopping, you always liven up the place.


  2. Me thinks the title is brilliant by itself. You obviously had an idea and words to go with it, so you must have missed that with your right brain leaning. I don’t think I’m dominate either way, kind of averagely in the middle. (I think I made that word up too.)


  3. Did the success of Seinfeld teach you nothing, Lisa? Some of the best blog posts are all about nothing! Rest assured, this is not a post about nothing. Instead it is about something we all face, and you make it entertaining.
    A 5yr warranty on a 3yr lease? That’s funny.


    1. Why, thank you, LD. The 5-year warranty was incredibly stoopid, but you know what? I ended up buying the car, so it turned out okay. That episode is third on the ‘Stoopidest Things I’ve Ever Done’ list.


  4. haha Lisa, even with missing words and ideas you write damn brilliant blog posts!!! And that’s a fact, both of my brain sides agree. And beside of being brilliant with words you are also excellent in spreading smiles and giggles. Thank you Lisa, for being you! =)


    1. You’re such a flatterer, thanks! I’m a long way from brilliant, though, we don’t even share a country code. But I’m tickled you like the posts, that makes me smile. Thanks for stopping by, Min, it’s always great to hear from you.


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