: phew, it’s saturday the 14th :

This year, there are three Friday the 13ths. Three, and they occur thirteen weeks apart: in January, April, and July. That doesn’t bode well, does it?

The one in January was especially unnerving, coming as it did so damn early in the year. It seemed to me like an omen, a welcome mat to mayhem and calamity. Just the fact that it was January was plenty bad enough, adding a Friday the 13th to the mix was plain mean.

Now, here it is, April, and winter is comfortably behind us. If you can call what we had a winter, it was more like an extended autumn or a really, really early spring. Why can’t they all be so agreeably temperate, that’s what I want to know. No blizzards or ice storms or snowdrifts or sub-zero temperatures, that would be bliss. Personally, I think winter is trying to kill me — every year.

But I digress, as usual.

So we’ve skated through two of this year’s Friday the 13ths, leaving only one to contend with in July — thirteen weeks away, give or take. Then it’s clear sailing until September, 2013. I don’t know about you, but I could use a breather from bad luck and unexpected curve balls. My coping skills, which aren’t so great to begin with, are stretched mighty thin. Transparently, tenuously thin.

Why, may I ask, is there no Dumb Luck Day on the calendar? Don’t you think there should be, say, a Tuesday the 6th or some such date when everything falls your way? When the lights all turn green at your approach? I do, but there’s no such thing. We have Friday the 13ths, we have the Ides of March, we have the entire month of February, and one Monday every week, but not a single scheduled Serendipity Day. That’s wrong.

We should write to the good folks at Hallmark, get them on the case. Heck, look what they’ve done for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day and Talk Like A Pirate Day. They can get a Lucky Break Day launched, I know they can. Let’s start mailing cards and letters right now to our appointed holiday representatives at:

Hallmark Cards
P.O. Box 419034
Mail Drop 216
Kansas City, MO  64141-6580

Ask them to work their magic, mobilize their greeting card thinkers, and rescue the post office while they’re at it. Then go buy a stamp and head to the mailbox!

On a positive note, Harold Camping and the Mayans and Nostradamus and the doomsday preppers are lately exercising some restraint. They’ve issued no new predictions of apocalypse or end-of-the-world catastrophics in months. No news of space junk afoot in the atmosphere, either. May it ever be so.

Have a nice day : )

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17 responses to “: phew, it’s saturday the 14th :”

  1. I like facts like this! Although I’m not really down for a load of bad luck. I had a crap Friday 13th, which was probably nothing to do with the date, but you never know!


    1. I like discovering useless trivia like this, it’s fun. Who knew having 3 Friday the 13ths in one year was so rare? I hope you have a better day today, suzymarie : )


  2. Haha you guys’ winter just ended and it moved its cold ass across the world and is living in SA for the next few months. I hope its not AS cold. I too have the sneaking suspicion that winter has a hit on me every year. Liked your post and just like 1pointperspective (thats a long name) I don’t realise that the 13th landed on a Friday until someone mentions it… and then I’m like… GAME ON!!

    Thumbs up.


    1. I’m so sorry our winter headed your way, but I’m glad it’s gone. Thrilled, actually. Over the moon. Would you like to keep it, by any chance? You can, you know.

      I envy your approach to Friday the 13th, Liezel, I wish I handled such things so rationally. What’s your secret?


      1. Oh no no no. Winter is not welcome here. I would not be a good hostess.

        My Secret… well I purposely would walk underneath a ladder, open an umbrella inside the house, step on a crack in the floor, if I could make a black cat walk across the street I would do that to.. Kinda challenge the Friday the 13th ghost you know haha.


        1. I wish I’d read your comment on Thursday the 12th. That’s brilliant, Liezel!


  3. Have you seen the movie “Saturday the 14th”? It’s campy – I should be embarrassed that I like the movie – but I do, and it makes me laugh (or groan). You make me laugh, too. (Not groan.)
    I plan on sending a letter to Hallmark. I quite like your idea.


    1. Postal carriers everywhere thank you and so do I.

      I want a lucky day and if this is the only way to get one, I’m fine with that. You’re a pal to join me, Lenore, thank you.

      I’ve got to check out ‘Saturday the 14th’. It sounds like my kind of movie, goofy : )


  4. I usually don’t notice that it’s Friday the 13th until sometime on Monday the 16th. Not that I’m not cautious of black cats and other such superstitions, I’m just too oblivious to realize it for a few days.

    Nice post, as usual.


    1. I scan the calendar on the first of every month, looking for Friday the 13ths. I took my Girl Scout motto seriously: be prepared. Either that or I’m paranoid. I like your way better. Thanks, 1pp, you’re terrific.


      1. Aww shucks! Thanks for the kind words… I thought “be prepared” was the boy scouts…seriously, I actually have that written in an upcoming post…well…i’ll leave it in regardless, maybe it’ll improve the intended comedy.


        1. You know, maybe it is the Boy Scouts. I suppose I should have paid attention at the meetings, but I was so bored I was numb. I think the Girl Scouts is something about ‘on my honor and do my duty and yak yak yak.’ Good catch.


  5. You are so cool, i popped this on my face book, it made me laugh out loud! in fact maybe I shall twitter it as well.. twitter is new to me, sometimes i think life is new to me too!! And i hope you are feeling better, or do you feel worse first.. well i am thinking of you! c


    1. I like you, celi, you’re awesome! And I know how you feel about being new to life. I’m the same way — especially when it comes to twitter. It’s a mystery.

      I feel all right for now, I believe. I don’t know what to expect when it starts shutting down, though. Should be interesting, don’t you think?


  6. Hahaha! That post was funny and creative and awesome! +follower
    I would love it if you could check out my blog as well. I make funny random posts! thanks a ton


    1. Welcome to publikworks, nothinbutamemory, I’m so honored to have you as a follower! I will defintely be by to check out your blog, look for a visit next week. Deal?


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