: ode to velveeta shells & cheese :

That’s Queso Blanco south of the border
Or shell pasta and cheese sauce, if you prefer
But whatever you call this delightful dish
It’s my favorite entree du jour

Makes a nifty drum, as well!

All hot and melty, it smells good, too
That gooey, cheesy mac heaped high on the plate
With one side of spinach and another of salad
You can taste the ferrous sulfate

When my plate is scraped clean
And there’s not one more bite
I can’t wipe the cheesy smile off my face
Nope, not even with good ol’ kryptonite

{ Thank you : ) and bon appetit  }

Copyright © Publikworks 2012

14 thoughts on “: ode to velveeta shells & cheese :

  1. I was just wondering, has anyone tried making this without a microwave? By just adding boiling water and letting it sit?


    1. I don’t think I could narrow it down to just one. I love it all, except I’m not a fan of the Stouffer’s or Kraft versions. There’s a place here that makes theirs with a hint of bleu cheese — it’s really good, but awfully rich. And, you’re right, Boston Market’s is a stand out!


      1. While I’ve never had the cup – Mac and cheese is a mainstay at our house, because I don’t cook. Correction. Mac and cheese WAS a mainstay, before Joe ate it while sick and threw it up. Since then, I have no made it, because he can’t ‘stomach’ the thought of it. I have to live vicariously through others…. like your post today.


        1. Oh, man, tough break. My heart goes out to you and Joe, LD. Maybe one day, the memories will fade and he can again the wonders of mac and cheese. Keep a good thought, anyway.


    1. I hadn’t tried it until recently, now I’m addicted. Even as hot as it is outside I still pop one in the microwave every now and again.


    1. Mum’s the word, TL, promise : ) I didn’t discover this stuff until a friend of mine gave me a microwave this spring — ow I wonder how I ever lived without this wondrous concoction.


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