: blow your own damn horn :

People are suffering needlessly under the popular misconception that August has no good holidays. That’s just not true. Has everyone forgotten my birthday? It’s in August. On the tenth. Hey, isn’t that, yup, today. Ha, gotta run, par-TAY!

Wait, before I go, how about we make this National Blow Your Own Horn Day? We’ll make it an annual occasion for us, the little people, to spend the day boasting freely and mindlessly about our mundane accomplishments.

Can you drink a 6-pack without peeing? Well, don’t just sit there. Shout it from the roof tops and earn yourself an ‘atta girl’! Are you having a good hair day or, better yet, still have hair? Whoa, nice going, atta boy!

We can’t all be rocket scientists, you know, but does that mean we don’t deserve our fifteen minutes? Heck, no. So let’s take a day, grab our Mr. Microphones, and tell the world to listen up.  Starting here. Starting … now. Go.

I’ll go first, ready? I shaved my legs. Top that!

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14 thoughts on “: blow your own damn horn :

  1. For years now I’ve suspected that I, too, have something I should be tooting my horn about, and your post has just helped me realize it. I can drink one 6-pack and pee two.
    Happy belated birthday wishes to you!


    1. hahahahaha. Glad I wasn’t drinking a beer when I read your comment; beer through the nose burns something fierce. It would have been worth it, though. Too funny : )

      And thanks for the birthday wishes, Gary. I appreciate it.


  2. Happy belated birthday, Lisa! I hope you tooted your own horn all ding dang day! Shoot. Your birthday was on a Friday. Missy – er – Lisa, that means you can toot your horn all weekend long! You go, Girl!


  3. I can congratulate myself for being born the same month and day as my favorite blogger! Have a great birthday Lisa. Let’s both pat ourselves on the back for making it yet one more year.


      1. Thank you! I have a feeling our birth years are pretty darned close too. I mean, wow, you would have liked to have been born Grace Slick? I couldn’t agree more. Woohoo right back atcha, and congrats on those freshly shorn legs.


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