: holiday + hurricane = a holicane :

Happy Holicane, everyone!

What should we do to celebrate? Put on our pointy party hats? Blow noisemakers? I know, let’s all stand on the porch and wave. Let’s say hello to the remnants of Hurricane Isaac and goodbye to the glorious days of summer.

We knew the good-bye was coming; we knew summer wouldn’t last forever. The evidence is all around us. It’s there in the blue, blue sky and in the cooler nights and on the damn calendar, if we cared enough to look. There’s also that old, familiar sense of dread in my heart, my own personal indicator that autumn is afoot.

Of course, the fact it’s Labor Day weekend is a mighty good clue, too.

The tropical storm thing comes as a surprise, though. No one was expecting that; well, no one in Illinois, anyway. The leftovers of a hurricane just don’t make it to this neck of the woods very often. Weather forecasters are predicting as much as three inches of rain and sustained winds in the 20 mph range. Ew.

The clouds are already here. Great billowing banks of them in pale, watery stacks, preparing for what? A Noah’s Ark kind of day? I can think of better ways to spend a Saturday and I’m sure you can, too. Good thing I have a pile of books and a box of cookies. I’m prepared.

Still and all, that’s a pretty poor way to send off summer, don’t you think? It deserves better. It deserves fireworks and parades, thank you speeches and marching bands and a great big statue in its honor in the town square. At the very least, summer deserves a tip of our hats for being such a wonderful, delightful season. So here’s to you, summer ; )

Now, today, it becomes official: winter is on its horrible, nasty  way. If you’ll excuse me for just a moment, I need to bring in my welcome mat.

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13 thoughts on “: holiday + hurricane = a holicane :

        1. I’ll be tip top as soon as the stoopid endocrinologist decides to put me on thyroid medication. I’m hoping that’ll be this decade!? Otherwise I’m fine, thanks nc!


  1. I have some snowman arms and elbows to sell you. I live in Texas it is summer until December and again about mid Feb. Come on down here…though it doesn’t change the school thing.

    I love the winter. Cozy clothes and I bake like crazy. All the frenzy of holidays and family and events.

    Very funny and witty.



    1. Thanks, Becca!

      If you love winter, this is the place for you. We get snow by the ton and harsh, bitterly cold winds — the kind of weather only Santa’s reindeer could love. I so envy your short season : )


  2. But the turtlenecks, Lisa. Think of the turtlenecks we get to wear soon. Plus, your spirit will be lifted in about week, as the Christmas decorations will no doubt be up for all to see.
    Welcome Winter. Thank you Mother Nature for giving us all this rain to wash away the Summer. Aaaaaaah… turtlenecks and cozy socks. It’s the most wonderful time of the year…


    1. I wear ’em year-round, t-necks and cozy socks. Seriously, all twelve months. In winter, I just wear more of them, you know? As soon as Halloween is over I go into hibernation until March. It’s the most deadly dull part of the year.


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