: hang on, I’m thinking :

At least I think I’m thinking. But since I’m not 100% certain, we’d better hold our applause till the end. Just in case.

See, I’ve had so many false starts lately it’s hard to know for sure. I get a thought with all the earmarks of a genuine, bona fide idea and race to my computer, all jazzed to get it written and posted. Half an hour later, dejected and hair awry, I realize it was nothing but a brain fart. A red herring.


So what makes me think this one’s real? Well, I’m on the third paragraph, aren’t I? I usually can’t make it past the first few awkward, disjointed sentences before I lose my train of thought or start to hate the idea or just get bored and wander away. I can’t keep blaming writer’s block or blog funk, either.

No, I blame my troubles on poor navigation. Seriously. Turns out everything has been heading in the exact wrong direction; enthusiasm and motivation and page views have all been going south when they should’ve been going north. D’oh.

How did this happen? I suspect the gps lady; I think she’s out to get me. I just don’t trust anyone that damn cheerful, you know? She happily sends me down one blind alley after another. Well, not this time, lady. I’ll find my own way back, thank you.

Maybe I’ll book a seat on the next flight of fancy or catch the next train of thought. Heck, maybe I’ll hitchhike. I’d better get going, though, because I really don’t like this place. It’s scary and it smells bad.

Now, as the gps dame says, “recalculating.”

10 responses to “: hang on, I’m thinking :”

    1. Why, thank you, vodajevoda :D


  1. I’m in a blog funk. Have been for a month. I can relate!

    How are you doing, Lisa?


    1. My thoughts are with you, kiddo. Please let me know if you find a way out, I’m dying here. Well, no, not really, but you know what I mean. Right?

      Other than that things are okay, I guess. How about you?


  2. In the words of The Great Tweety Pie: I “taut” I taw a putty tat. He was a very wise bird and proves that at least trying to think is half (or all) of any battle. Fun post!


    1. Hiya, hometome! I just hope it gets easier with practice. Yay, Tweety.


  3. I have so many drafts, Lisa. Even as I type, I have Word open with 120 words jotted down, which I copied from my notebook. Still … with my current babble make it to print? Who knows. I seem to be stuck in ‘recalculating’ mode, and I don’t even have a GPS. Wait a minute … maybe that is my problem!


    1. It’s all so frustrating, isn’t it? Sort of like being stuck in snow; the engine revs and the tires spin, but the car doesn’t budge. Arrgh! Oh, well, the snow is bound to melt one day, right? Please tell me I’m right. I miss blogging.


      1. Yes, the snow will melt, leaving a pile of mud behind. The wheels will still spin, I’m afraid. Fortunately for you, even while the wheels spin and seem to make no traction, you produce good stuff! Seriously.
        And, you inspired me to get this Word document out. Thank you.


        1. You’re too kind, LD. Way too kind, but I appreciate your effort.

          Keep up the good work, by the way. That’s a fun post.


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