: this is toasty :

The other night, the night we set the clocks back, I tried something new, something different: I put an electric blanket on my bed for the first time ever.

This was a pretty daring move, brave even, because I’ve always been perfectly content with down comforters — I found their bulk and weightlessness (how’s this for clever?) comforting. And plenty warm, too. In other words, I had no complaints. Not one.

But with that simple change, the whole bedtime experience was transformed. The old routine of turning down the covers and crawling into bed was gone, adiosed. Going to bed became, instead, like climbing into a toaster; a warm, cozy, snugly toaster. A toaster from Pooh Corner, maybe, or the Keebler elves, some place magical and hospitable, anyway.

When I popped out of bed in the morning, *boing*, I fully expected to be a light, golden brown. I wasn’t, though. What I was was ravenously hungry. Most probably because my dreams had been of rotisserie chickens, yum, and convenience store hot dogs, meh, all of them basking happily behind plexiglass.

The chickens were decked out in board shorts, the hot dogs in Ray Bans, and the soundtrack was Fever by Miss Peggy Lee. It was an enchanted night.


This new paradise could be my downfall. I love spending time there, so much so that I may not rise again until May, April if there’s an early spring.

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10 responses to “: this is toasty :”

  1. Wow, you need an electric blanket already? Our lows are in the mid-50’s.

    A few years ago, my gynecologist asked me if I had night sweats (yes, I’m that age). I said, “I sleep with a 180 pound hairy man and two long-haired cats. What do you think?”

    Enjoy that toasty goodness. Here’s an idea: tuck a slice of brioche under there and your breakfast will be ready when you get up. Cinnamon sugar is optional.


    1. I do, our lows are in the 20s. That’s 50 degrees too cold for me, 60 if it’s daytime.

      I love your comment, too funny, Susan. Brioche it is — : )


  2. I daren’t try it because I am addicted to my normal quilt, so goodness knows what would happen if I got an electric blanket.


    1. Smart decision, suzymarie. You’d never again be on time for work.


  3. Oh what i would give for an electric blanket.. aaaaah. c


    1. I’ll send you my warmest thoughts, celi. Will that help?


  4. Don’t let your biscuits get burned in there… :)


    1. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if my pajamas wind up all charred and blackened around the edges by the time spring comes. It’s going to be a long winter, John. But at least I’ll be warm : )


  5. Welcome to the club, Lisa. I started drooling the instant you mentioned the electric blanket. I love mine. Ours is a wonderful relationship, too. The blanket warms up the bed before I tuck myself in at night, and it keeps me warm throughout the night. Always giving and never asking for anything in return.
    The urge to snuggle in with the blanket is strong in the mornings, when I work from home. I may have succumbed to the temptation once or twice, but I never stay too long. Breaks are important in relationships.

    P.S. You wrote Miss Peggy Lee, and I read Miss Piggy. I was surprised to find a human singing in the Youtube video. She sounds better than Miss Piggy, but don’t tell Miss Piggy I said that.


    1. Miss Piggy did a cover of Fever, you know? It’s on YouTube and it’s pretty torchy — funny, too. If you’re a Miss Piggy fan, LD, it’s worth a look.

      When I got my blanket from a friend of mine, I was more than a little skeptical, but I remembered how much you like yours. I gave it a try and, wham, I was in love. I might not have given it the time of day (or night) had it not been for your recommendation last winter. Thanks.

      PS. How are things? Are you enjoying your freedom?


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