: february eve :


Are you as weary of the cold, gray, cheerless days as I am? Of course you are. Well, take heart: the worst is behind us. Okay, not officially or anything, but according to my own personal calendar spring will be here, rain or shine, on March first. So we’re more than halfway there. Yay!

What we’re in desperate need of now, today, is a laugh. And I have just the thing. Squirrels.


Squirrels. You know, those twitchy little Don Knottses of the animal kingdom. They’re always good for a laugh, aren’t they? Sure they are, just look out the window. Or, better yet, watch these two classic commercials.

What makes these spots terrific are a.) the sound effects of the squirrel’s tiny, furious fists in the Budweiser commercial and b.) the undeniable genius of the Post-it Notes spot.

So, c’mon, cheer up. They’ll be the funniest sixty seconds of your day. I promise.

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4 responses to “: february eve :”

  1. That Bud commercial is so cute.


    1. I’m so glad you like it, sara. As for me, I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with Walter.


  2. Thank you, I finally found something to replace the Bud Lite frogs.


    1. The pleasure was all mine, josef.


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