: quick, run for your lives :


Oh my God, snow is falling, snow is falling. Look, you can see it. Those Weather Channel dudes are out in it, bundled up to their eyebrows in caps and parkas and gloves and mufflers, scooping up handfuls of the stuff to prove that, yes, by God, snow is falling.

Jeez, get a grip. What’s so unusual about a little snow? It is February, you know. In the midwest. What should we have been expecting, a tidal wave? sheesh.

I think we’re all getting a little carried away here, aren’t we? Sure, we’ve had some whopping big storms lately, but not every one of them is destined to be a record-breaking phenomena of unprecedented dimension. Yesterday was just a plain, old, garden variety snowstorm. Nothing more, nothing less.

Even so, they started broadcasting road closings and parking bans and activity cancellations and advisories and warnings long before the first snowflake fell. Wild snowfall predictions were the norm. In the event, however, accumulation was under three inches. Ho freaking hum.

Now, just you watch. I’ll be killed in an avalanche on my way home.

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16 thoughts on “: quick, run for your lives :

  1. Hey, living in southern California the thought of snow is actually terrifying!

    Also, side note, I nominated you for the Liebster award! Check out my latest post for more deats!


    1. Hey, bootsie, thanks! I appreciate the nomination, you made my day : )

      Snow, by the way, is terrifying. Even here in Illinois. You’re a smart girl to be somewhere safe.


    1. Letterman got his start as a weatherman, I think. He used to warn of conditions like “hail the size of canned hams.” I don’t think he lasted very long, though. Terrific observation, Kodiak : )


  2. Even I – a weather geek – gets tired of the TV meteorologists standing out in the elements letting us know about the elements.
    So, this stuff falling from the sky, what color is it? Is it cold? If the answer to the questions was ‘yes’, my guess is it is snowing. But, I’ll leave that up to the experts actually out in the elements. Supposedly they went to school for that kind of thing.


  3. Down here in Central Texas, we get the same kind of weather reporting, but about rain. Sensationalized weather reporting, an American Tradition.


  4. I have always wondered why weather is such a big deal. It amazes me how these news makers can MAKE a snow fall sound life threatening, dire, and threatening as though it is all new and terrible. Hilarious really! But actually i could do with some snow out here in my part of the midwest, he we are just dreary and deeply cold.. c


    1. I don’t know which direction you are from here, but I don’t think you’re very far away. I’m constantly surprised by the difference in our weather, though. How could you have missed the latest snowfall? You got the dreary and the deeply cold, but missed the snow?


  5. I spent last weekend in Pittsburgh, where they pay almost no attention to snow – and it snowed often, coating much of the western part of the PA turnpike. I drove home to South Jersey, where the threat of more than an inch results in empty supermarket shelves, and general chaos. I’m not sure which is worse.


    1. I think I’d like to try the ignoring snow option, Dave. It would make a nice change from the alarmists and Chicken Littles I’m surrounded by. Pretty soon it will be spring and every passing cloud, every gentle breeze, will be what? A killer tornado.


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