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See the coffee cups on the counter there? They’re the short, white doodads at everyone’s elbow. You may not recognize them as such because they’re so tiny, but that’s the size they used to be. Seriously. These days that wouldn’t even be a good sip.

Back then, though, there weren’t any lattes or mochaccinos or macchiatos, no frappuccinos or espressos, just plain old coffee. Or joe, as they used to call it. In measly little sissy cups.

Coffee mugs today are closer in size to the two stainless steel drums behind the counterman. You need two hands to enjoy your beverage. And forget about finishing it while it’s still hot; there’s no way. In fact, you’ll need to get an early start if you hope to finish it the same morning. That, or a mighty powerful thirst.

Like the kind of thirst I have for an idea. Any idea, regardless of size or flavor. Fresh brewed or day old, I don’t care. I’d just like to have an idea. One. You probably have them all the time, right? I bet you’ve got ‘em coming out of your ears. Gosh, that must be nice. Having ideas, I mean, not the coming out your ears part, although that’s good, too. I imagine.

I sure used to love having them. They were so bright and shiny and new. One idea would keep me entertained for hours; it was always a party. Now? Not.

If you have any ideas you’re not using, please send them to me here at publikworks. I will give them a good home. Thank you for your patronage.

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26 thoughts on “: fill ‘er up, please :

  1. Here’s an idea: The Weird World of Stockphotography.

    I bought a new Canon 6D and tried to dive right into Stockphotography. I know how to shoot it, Ive shot with Canon many years. But this stock thing is new. And everyday I discover something new. But although I’m discovering stuff, I’m still getting the idea I’m not seeing the complete thing that’s called Stockphotography.

    My idea: Enlighten me about stockphotography.


  2. tell us if you like the rest of hopper’s work, and how you feel when you go to the mall, and they always have that cheesey take-off of this painting w/ james dean, marilyn monroe, etc. and then tell us if at that mall has annie’s pretzels and delightful lemonade or a bass booming out of abercrombie and fitch like it’s a danceclub and why macy’s is so overpriced when their clothes have the flavor of white bread and mayo.


    1. I do, in fact, like all of Hopper’s work, kerbey. And I loved your comment, too; it’s inspiring. You must be a writer your own self, right?


    1. Crockery, eh? I like to drink my morning coffee from a sippy cup — I learned that lesson the hard way. Yikes!

      Thanks, celi. That means a lot coming from you : )


  3. Hey Lisa and All of Your Blog Fans…My pet peave is having to change the clocks twice a year. It’s coming up again this weekend. Got any ideas on how to stop this idiotic meddling with our time? Prudy


  4. Write about moving across the country! Especially if you’re not moving across the country. Because when you ARE moving across the country, you don’t have time to write about it. It could be a fun topic, one I’d like to tackle myself but I’m…moving.


    1. I’m still not over the trauma of moving. Everyone told me I’d laugh about it one day, but that day has yet to come. Good luck, Jo. May St. Joseph be with you.


  5. I think that most people would prefer your brief post on coffee over the long, disturbing one which I wrote.

    As for suggested topics, if I had one, I’d be writing about it myself. I suppose you could always write about where you are – without necessarily getting specific. Almost any place has some odd things about it which might be interesting to the rest of us….


    1. I’m smack dab in the middle of Illinois, interesting is not in the lexicon of my people. We all speak Esperanto — is that still considered a language? I liked your post, Dave, if you’re referring to the one about the pope : )


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