: a big, fat dramatization :

thinkingLife is an unpredictable proposition, in a very predictable sort of way.

It’s like when you inflate a balloon. You huff and you puff until you’re dizzy then, while you fumble around trying to get the silly thing knotted, it shoots off like a rocket — blowing a long, loud raspberry in farewell. That’s life, right? You expect stuff like that to happen.

Unfortunately, the same type of phenomenon occurs each time a thought pops into my head and, I’ll be honest, it’s confounding. Not to mention exasperating. It’s also becoming a problem.

Once upon a time, and not so very long ago, I could hold a thought. I’m not kidding. I could mull it over; I could ponder and contemplate and reflect with the best of them, ruminate, even. For hours if I wanted to. And, if I had to, I could go around thinking for days on end. Really, I could. I’m not bragging or anything, I’m just saying.

Thinking came easil — wait, how’d all those crumbs get in my keyboard? And would you look at my cuticles? Are you kidding me? I’ve got to make an appoin

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12 Responses to “: a big, fat dramatization :”

  1. danielwalldammit

    Honestly, I think the second thought pattern is what everyone has. The first is how people represent their conclusions when they have already reached them over the course of that meandering path.


    • publikworks

      You’re probably right, but it’s getting out of control. All my trains of thought are jumping the track — all of ’em. It’s very unsettling. But kind of fun, too : )


  2. Lenore Diane

    I blame PMS or perimenopause. Then I went to the store and they were out of flour, which made me wonder why I bought the car in the first place. I’m sorry. What?


  3. erinlw1015

    I’m not sure I can remember a time when I thought clearly. I’m not even sure what happened yesterday. I think it’s the plight of a thinker. Some people just don’t think about anything much. They may have lower cortisone levels but they’re pretty boring.


  4. FurthermoreAndSoForth

    It finally hit me — I knew there was something about the depiction of your thought process. You’re obviously channeling Pablo Picasso. You’ve seen the Guernica, right? No wonder you’ve been feeling a bit discombobulated. Cubism will do that to a person.


    • publikworks

      Awww, you flatter me, Jo. Picasso, well, he was a genius. Me? No. If anything, I’m channeling Wrong Way Corrigan.


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