: reminder or severed hand? you decide :

image187Remember that sappy song from The Sound of Music? Yes, you do, I’ll sing a few bars, ‘raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens …’ Those are Julie Andrews favorite things — or possibly Maria von Trapp’s. Either way, it’s a curious list. C’mon, kettles are the best she can do?

Do you know what my favorite things are? Naps and money, not necessarily in that order. Some days I’d pick a siesta over a bag of fifties. Others I’d pocket the sawbuck and pass on a snooze. As Einstein might say, it’s relative.

Halloween’s on my list, too; I love to scare people. I sneak up behind them, quiet as a smell, and Boo! Guess what I’m going as this year. No, don’t. You’ll never guess. Never, ever. Not in a zillion years. It’s a devilishly clever disguise. Fiendish, really.

But you deserve a sporting chance, so I’ll tell you this much: I was invited to do a spooky guest post by blogdramedy, a fellow blogger. She’s running a four-part series on her blog called Halloween: Freaky or Fierce. My post is scheduled to appear on Monday, October 28th. Quick, put that on your calendar. Circle it in red. Set your alarm. Leave yourself a note. Don’t forget. Bwaaaahhahaha.

In my little world, this is akin to having a slot on Letterman or Jimmy Kimmel — it’s terrifying, worse than any haunted house, more hair-raising than the Bates Motel. Blogdramedy is prime time blogging, you know? Me? I’m a local cable access show. I hope I’m ready for this.

If I’m not, then what? Well, I’ll tell myself the booing is Halloween-related. And I’ll believe me, I’m such a chump.

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