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image191This is a quiet little blog. No bells or whistles, no flash, no glitter. I just putter along in my sleepy corner of WordPress, happy to be here. Wait, back up. This was a sleepy little blog, past tense. Publikworks has been, are you ready for this?, Freshly Pressed.

You’re amazed, aren’t you? I was, too. My post, : peekaboo :, was pushed right into the spotlight last week, center stage. Oh, my stars, what a thrill. A hoopla is what it was. Pandemonium.

The place was packed, elbow-to-elbow and wall-to-wall. People were crammed in here so tight we violated the fire code. Do you believe that? Well, don’t, it’s an exaggeration. There was definitely a sharp jump in visitors, but I wasn’t mobbed. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Instead of the usual few dozen visitors, though, there were hundreds. Around here, that’s one big hullabaloo.

I’m simply not accustomed to that much activity, you know? But I liked it. I did, I liked it a lot. Getting attention is fun, especially when you don’t have to dress for the occasion. When I was notified, I was in sweatpants, not heels and pantyhose. Even now, I’m in sweatpants.

The weird part was how quiet everyone was. I wouldn’t have known they were here if I hadn’t checked my stats every now and again. At last report, the Freshly Pressed post had a total of 38 comments. Half of those are my replies, which leaves a decidedly less than grand total of 19 comments. What in the world is going on? 19? Really? Was it that bad? Sure, I’ve been a little off my game lately, maybe even trending toward has-been, but come on. Nineteen?

More viewers downloaded the image than commented on the post. Is that normal? Or am I making a mountain out of a molehill (would 19 comments even add up to a decent molehill)? Did I expect too much? Am I obsessing, like usual?

Whatever. It was still a helluva party. And since this may be my once-in-a-lifetime chance to give an acceptance speech, here goes:

I’d like to thank the academy (i.e., WordPress) for their support. Where would we be without their servers and templates and brains and connections and links and all the stuff they do? I know where I’d be: up shit creek, that’s where. I wouldn’t have a clue how to do this on my own, as I’ve proven time and again.

Just as importantly, I’d like to thank you, my loyal and patient and forgiving readers — both the newbies and the long-timers. You make this more fun than I have any right to expect. You are the best! So what do you say, care to comment?

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31 thoughts on “: cat got your tongue? :

  1. I think comments are hard to get for this reason: blog readers are writers, and writers tend to be introverted voyeurs. Not voyeurs in a creepy sexual way, just… you know, they like to look at stuff. Maybe “observer” is a better word.

    I’ve only joined WordPress last week and I’m making a concerted effort to comment when I enjoy a piece of writing. Like I did with yours. Enjoy it, that is. Also comment, obviously.


    1. What an insightful response. I agree completely, but think there could also be some reluctance to write stuff on a stranger’s website. Maybe?

      Welcome to WordPress, by the way. You’re going to do well, I can tell.


  2. You need to worry less. Few people comment on blogs. I was thrilled to see two people in Singapore read one of my blogs. But I try hard not to look at stats or obsess over them. Write with passion. You’re not selling bread or even yourself. Just writing to be understood. If one person gets you, it’s a victory. I get you.


  3. Very cool!
    Wait, make that Very imPressive.

    All us regulars will hoist a beer or two in your name. Or maybe a hot toddy, depending on the weather.


  4. Congratulations! When you figure out the secret to getting all the lurkers to come out and play, leave comments and share you’ll be everyone’s hero! I was thinking that for Christmas I was going to ask all me friends for a comment. Just one will do and they take up way less space than packages under a tree. What do you think?


    1. Hi, Lizi! My eyes are still popped out. They may never return to their sockets and I’ll spend the rest of my days looking like I’ve been goosed.

      I’m tickled to hear from you, thanks.


  5. Bravo Lisa! A round of applause is in order, yet because you can’t hear the roar of the crowd from your computer screen, written comments are indeed the next best thing. We all crave a little encouragement from time-to-time, don’t we? So speak up, readers!


      1. Barely keeping up with the reno but I’m hopeful that we’ll be done before the holidays. I miss blogging. But right now it’s enough for me to keep up with reading blogs like yours.


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