: careful where you point those things :

fingers pointing

Today, boys and girls, is the first Friday the 13th of the year, do you know what that means? It’s National Blame Someone Else Day! Woohoo, right?

No, wrong. Payback’s a bitch and so is karma — false accusations are costly. There’s medical expenses for the severe beating you’ll have coming; attorney’s fees, court costs, airfare to flee the jurisdiction. It adds up fast, dude. You might want to rethink your strategy.

Finger-pointing only seems like good, clean fun until someone gets hurt. That someone will, in all likelihood, be you, señor. Especially if you point at someone bigger and stronger and meaner, which narrows the field considerably, doesn’t it?

So if you plan to participate in the Blame Someone Else activities, please be careful. Or, heck, avoid the hassle and blowback altogether and blame me, Lisa at publikworks. I’m a blame magnet. I’ll take the fall, no questions asked and backlash-free, for the low, low price of $49.95. *

Do this. Next time you screw up or one of your jackass pranks goes sideways, point your finger at 1-800-BLAME-ME. And walk away scot-free.

Operators are standing by.

* Criminal charges extra $$. Tax and license included. Member FDIC.


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12 thoughts on “: careful where you point those things :

  1. Where was this post when I needed you a couple of weeks ago? I had to take the blame myself for something I’d done – can you believe it? I shall be following your work from now in case future posts become handy…ahem…


    1. Oh, no, I hate to hear that, nonsense. I was outside the Walmart with my sign, like I am most days, ‘Will Take The Blame For $49.95. Major credit cards accepted.’ Were you, by any chance, the guy in the blue Ford Fiesta?

      I hope I’ll be of help to you. I’ll try my best, anyway ; )


  2. Friday the 13th was over before I even realized. Of course I think I got it over with on Thursday the 12th (a blog in itself). I wish I had known that I could be charging a fee for getting the blame for stuff. I would have been rich, I tell you, I would have been rich!


    1. I thought I would be, too. Rich, that is. But I didn’t get one taker. Not one. I know there’s plenty of mischief going on, lots of wrongdoers and culprits hard at work, so I don’t understand it. I need better advertising, I guess.


      1. I over did it with the >>>.
        How about if I do this?
        Still nothing?
        13>18 with the use of a Sharpie. Turning a 3 into an 8 by drawing a backward 3.
        It was a weak joke. Feel free to delete this comment and ban me from your blog forever.


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