: a sing along for wordaholics :

Follow the bouncing period, boys and girls.

It’s Weird Al Yankovic performing Word Crimes, a grammar freak’s delight. There’s something for everyone here: punctuation, emoticons, grammar tips, hashtags, sentence diagramming, parts of speech, proofreading symbols, double entendres, fun design, the whole enchilada.

Just you watch, the video’s a gas. Sort of a writer’s pornography set to music. But it’s lexicography and totally legal. phew

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17 thoughts on “: a sing along for wordaholics :

    1. I’d never heard ‘Blurred’ — is that the name of the original song? I had to google it. Isn’t that awful? ssshh.

      Glad you liked it, though :o)


      1. I think it is “Blurred Lines”. It has become quite controversial with the people who believe, “No, means NO” and that, “you know you want it” is not acceptable. The tune however is one that stays with you and is fun. A dilemma for some.


  1. I’m a little late to the party — as always — and I’m not usually a Weird Al fan, but this was hilarious! I’m going to watch it again right now.


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