: sorry for the holdup :

Come on, times are tough. I have to do something to make ends meet.


So I found a second part-time job — cleaning offices in the evening. The extra money will be nice; still not enough, but nice, just the same. Unfortunately, this new gig has thrown a big, fat wrench in my carefully arranged schedule and I’m way behind at publikworks — the one job I love doing and I’ve no time to do it.

No, that’s wrong, let me re-phrase. I had time. I even had a fairly good idea. What came up short was the execution. Please bear with me. I’ll be back later this week with a new, dazzling post or a better excuse. One of the two.

Thank you for your patience. You can put your hands down now.

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8 responses to “: sorry for the holdup :”

  1. hard to imagine your execution’s ever short. i’ve never enjoyed being robbed so much before.


    1. Wow, thanks Chef, but I can totally stink up the place. I tend to think I’m clever and funny more often than I am. It’s a judgment call and I have terrible judgment :o(


      1. don’t we all though.


        1. I’m in a league all my own. Seriously.


  2. Why does life have to be so damned tough? P.S. I have iposture from bending over the table working interlocking jigsaw puzzles
    (I’ve been catching up on your latest blogs, Lisa.)


    1. I wish I knew, Prudy. But I’m bushed and ready for the 3-day weekend. Hope things are going well with you :o)


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