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There’s nothing spooky about Halloween Day, right? Creepy doesn’t happen during daylight hours. There aren’t any ghosts afoot, or bats on the wing, no hook hands hanging from car doors. That’s after dark stuff.

So I felt fairly safe when I got up this morning. Work was a frightening prospect, of course, but no worse than usual. I shuffled into the bathroom, turned on the light, and there it was. An Undead. Staring straight at me with puffy, bloodshot eyes. Crazy hair shooting off in all directions, in defiance of gravity. It was a horrible, terrifying moment. I screamed. It screamed. I ducked. It ducked.

Oh, crap, that’s the mirror. And morning me’s gruesome reflection. Please pardon the screaming. Carry on.

And have a happy Halloween.


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4 responses to “: boooooo :”

  1. It happens to the best of us :)


    1. It was so unpleasant, though. And startling. Yikes!


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