: ’tis the season :

For a list of brand new words. Ho Ho Hah.

And, really, what better gift is there than a shiny new word? Okay, who said high value gift card? Was it you? Well, tough, you’re getting words. A whole long, delightful list to decorate your conversation.


These words are among the dozens being added to OxfordDictionaries.com this year. They do this quarterly, add words. In the future, expect to see a lot more words of Australian derivation. The Aussies, apparently, are the new etymologists, having dethroned the traditional Latin. And it’s about time, too. The old words are fine, they get the job done with a minimum of fuss, but the new ones are just plain fun. You could say they’re, get this, the ant’s pants.

Oh, brother.  That sounds so stoopid when I say it. I’m way, way too dweeby and I shouldn’t even try. You, on the other hand, are totally cool. You’ll sound like an insider, cutting edge. I want to be like you, I’m tired of being a mahoosive loser. There, did that sound okay? Did I do it right? Yay, I’m air punching al desko, man.

I’ll shut up.

black swirl

A Handpicked Selection of New Words for 2014:

adorbs — cute or adorable

wtaf — ‘what the actual f***’ posed as a questioning exclamation

al desko — an act, typically eating, done at your desk (sort of like al fresco)

mahoosive — very, very large

duckface — the pouting, lip-thrusting face made by people posing for pictures

shiny bum — an office worker

ant’s pants — outstandingly good person or thing

idc — ‘I don’t care’

hate-watch — watch a show in order to mock it  or criticize

vape — the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette (Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year for 2014)

digital footprint — how popular a person is online

air punch — shoving a clenched fist in the air, usually in triumph

Deep Web — the part of the Internet not discoverable by regular search engines

hot mess — someone who’s spectacularly unsuccessful or disordered (right, me)

yolo — you only live once. Translation: go for it.

xmas treeHappy holiday, peeps.

No. Peeps? wtaf? I didn’t say th — crap, where’s the flipping delete button?

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18 responses to “: ’tis the season :”

  1. I’ll definitely be including these new words in my 2015 vocabulary, though they’ll probably be quickly replaced and then I’ll be considered soooooo-2014.


    1. Aren’t they great? But you’re right, new words have a pretty short lifespan. So use ’em while you can and move on to the next bunch. Keeps things lively.


  2. Some of these will add a bit of colour to my future conversations. Thanks for the list. I pretty much do everything al desko these days.


    1. Isn’t al desko great? It’s my absolute favorite this year. Merriam-Webster went with ‘culture’, as in pop culture. Al desko is better. Hands down.

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  3. She’ll be right mate.


    1. See? You have the gift, lucky dog.


  4. Reblogged this on yours sincerely, tan and commented:
    2015 is just around the corner and I thought this would be interesting to know..


    1. I assumed you pushed the wrong button. Then I realized I’m the only one who reblogs accidentally.

      Thanks, Tan :o)

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      1. lol, loving the post so much!


        1. That’s terrific, thank you.


  5. I feel quite perturbed that you beat me to this.
    That’s my #bitchtweet for the day.


    1. Hey, I was desperate. It was this or cookie recipes and I don’t bake. You should be thanking me.


  6. But… but you said you would shut up!


      1. We shall unite! You the others, and I shall bring the tacos.


        1. Deal! I love tacos even more than my shoes. mmm, taco-o-o-o-o-os.


          1. Hmm… your shoes may be better. I have no idea of the tier of your shoes.


            1. No, my shoes are just loafers. I’ll have the tacos, please.


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