: carpe noctem* :

Christmas Eve is magical.

Standing beneath the starlit sky, listening to the perfect stillness, we marvel at the vast splendor of the universe. What’s out there? What lies beyond the twinkling stars and soft moonlight?

We’re awestruck with wonder and curiosity. Simply contemplating the infinite grandeur of the cosmos is humbli — wait, sshhhhhhh, sleigh bells? Santa!

Santa_ReindeerAnd we believe, if only for a moment, with all of our heart. Such is the miracle of Christmas.

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* Seize the night

6 responses to “: carpe noctem* :”

  1. It’s nice to believe, if just for a moment.


    1. There is a Santa, Silkpurse, I’m sure of it sometimes.

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  2. Sadly, Santa didn’t deliver. I was hoping for two tickets to the Bahamas.

    Maybe next year, I’ll try to be nicer.


    1. He stiffed me, too. I got bupkis. Gah!


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    Merry Christmas everyone!


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