: hey, they’re not extinct :

thesaurusQuite the contrary. The thesaurus ¹ is alive and well on bookshelves around the world.

Sadly, the same can’t be said for Peter Roget, creator of this masterwork; he died (perished, croaked, kicked the bucket) in 1869. A compiler, sorter, and compulsive list maker, Roget titled the 1852 edition of his classic reference book Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases Classified and Arranged so as to Facilitate the Expression of Ideas and Assist in Literary Composition.

Yikes, well, what can you say? The guy was wordy (long-winded, verbose, a gasbag). And we celebrate his yattering brilliance today, January 18th, known now and forevermore as Thesaurus Day. Get out the pointy party hats, my huckleberry friends, and let’s blow the roof off this dump.

Yay, words!

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¹Yes, in actual fact, there is a synonym for thesaurus: wordfinder.

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    1. That’s the story of my life, BD. It’s fun for a while, no question, but the scenery never changes. I like a change now and then. Re-location sounds good, too.


    1. That’s what every blogger loves to hear, thanks, shreya. By the way, I fell for the picture, too. It’s awesome and clever and made me wish I was an illustrator.


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