: happy data privacy day :

padlockSeriously, Congress made this an official thing in 2009 and the dudes at the NSA are still laughing. When they take a break from reading our emails, that is. The CIA thinks it’s pretty funny, too, in their idle Senate hacking moments. Anyone and anything is fair game online.

You see, there’s no real privacy law in the United States. Stuff like medical and financial information is protected, and school records, but that’s about it. Besides, what’s the point? We give it away to anyone who asks, anyway. They don’t even have to ask nicely; we just hand it over. That’s the price we pay for the convenience and ease of online shopping. Plus shipping.

So unless you want the world to know your business, don’t tweet it. Or text it. Or email it. Or post about it. Use a little discretion and keep it to yourself, for crying out loud. A tricky, impenetrable password wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. Good luck.

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10 thoughts on “: happy data privacy day :

  1. ” When they take a break from reading our emails, that is.”

    I personally do my part to make my emails as boring and inane as possible. My boss and my clients assure me that I have succeeded.


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