: here, tie these on :

yellow docsOtherwise, you’ll trip on the laces and fall flat on your face. People will laugh. Probably not the reaction you’re aiming for.

Well, people falling down is funny. Wrong, maybe, but that only makes it funnier. When we’re not supposed to laugh, that’s when we do. People look, they frown in disapproval, making us laugh harder and louder. Sure, we look like insensitive clods standing there snorting and hooting, but we can’t stop.

As for the klutz on the floor? Well, tough break, buster, but thanks. That was hysterical. What else can you do, really?

Hey, try blaming your shoes. These shoes. They’re limited edition Doc Martens, the result of a collaboration with the Cartoon Network. They’re supposed to be funny — Adventure Time was the inspiration. I’ve never seen the show, but I’m a big fan of the shoes.

I’d like a pair for my next face plant; I’ll tell myself you’re laughing at my shoes. Which is likely, since I’d look ridiculous in them.

white docs
The Details

> Two designs: Finn the Boy (white) and Jake the Dog (yellow).
> Only 1,460 pairs of each will be created
> A black canvas-style with Finn and Jake on all sides will also be available
> Prices will range from $85 to $202
> Available March 3, 2015 in Dr. Martens stores and online
> You can pre-order at http://www.solestruck.com/dr.-martens-x-adventure-time-womens-shoes/


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9 thoughts on “: here, tie these on :

  1. As someone who’s been blessed with clownishly large feet, I’m always kind of amused when people with normal sized tootsies go to great lengths to have their feet look like mine.


    1. They are. This time, fortunately, there was door handle. I clung to it for dear life.

      Paying that much for shoes, novelty or not, is crazy. Even if I had it, I’d hate spending it on shoes.

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