: c-c-c-can you spare a d-d-degree? :



All right, who’s hogging all the degrees? Cough ’em up.

They’re out there, I know they are. Hiding. Please check under your beds, behind the furnace, in your shoe, anywhere a degree could hide. They’re very slippery and sneaky as Hell.

If you find any wayward deserters, please send them my way. Via FedEx. I’m missing about 80 of the little bastards.

My warmest thanks.

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10 thoughts on “: c-c-c-can you spare a d-d-degree? :

    1. It was subzero overnight if that makes you feel any better. This winter has just been brutal, Michelle — and we’re hundreds of miles south of you. I’d try to imagine how cold you are, but this is plenty bad enough. Sorry and remember to zip up, my cold little friend. :o)

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    1. What a wonderful thought, Athena! If they could siphon off some of their summer heat and store it for our use in winter, why, we could all retire there without the bother of moving. Are you related to any Einsteins? :o)

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