: footed fingers and other oddities :

footed fingers

My sitting here is surely a sign of insanity, I won’t be able to reach a wi-fi spot for days. It’s snowing; again or still, I’ve lost track. Winter has blurred into one long snow event.

I could walk to a coffee shop, I suppose. There’s one less than a mile away, a big, drafty, barn of a place with an assortment of mismatched tables and chairs. The coffee’s good, the wi-fi works, they pay no attention to me, and I have $4 for a latte. A fall on the ice ups the cost, since the laptop drops with me.

I’m getting ahead of myself, though. How do I know this’ll even be worth posting? Whoa, what am I saying? Look around, my standards aren’t high. I’m just killing time, really, trying to ignore the ugliness outside. As usual, the internet came though for me. These little jaunts are inspiring, but I’m starting to think I have a foot fetish. Last week it was the Doc Martens, this week it’s footed fingers and Lego slippers. Could be a fetish, could be a rut, but which?

Jennifer Aniston getting throttled by Emma Stone at the Oscars was just too funny to pass up. Oooh, love the strappy gold heels, though.


Jennifer Aniston — “Mmphff.”

The Details:

puppet fingers

Sculptures — watch out, these’ll grab your eyes. No, I’m kidding, put your hands down. Italian artist Alessandro Boezio uses clay and fiberglass to create these disembodied figures. Sure, they’re alien and disturbing, but the creepy part is how they make your skin crawl.

piano fingers


lego slippers

Slippers — they look comfy, almost like Nerf slippers. The fact they’re a Lego brick only adds to their charm, right? Stick your feet in there why don’t you, they’re only $25 and available in your choice of colors: red or blue. Only one size, however (the equivalent of a men’s size 12).

I assume I made it safely to the coffee place, since you’re reading this. Let’s see if I can be as successful returning home. Gee, if I had a pair of Lego Slippers they’d be like snowshoes. Well, off I go, wish me luck …


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19 thoughts on “: footed fingers and other oddities :

  1. What a wonderful group you’ve got here. I’d love to see these folks in person at some party, really. Well, I will need to visit here more often. Seems like you’ve a nice mix of things. As for feet, in particular, I’m fascinated by the subject. I think most people can’t help but be on some level. I’m not talking about a fetish necessarily. So, what is up with that art piece at the top of your post?

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    1. Hello, Henry Chamberlain! The art up there is just plain odd; odd fascinates me. Especially when it’s done as well as those pieces. Feet? Not so much, although I like shoes and absolutely adore socks. A dichotomy, right?

      Do come back, Henry. The door is always open to you.


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