: don’t rush me, I’m thinking :

Let’s see, time on the rack? Ducking stool? Flogging? Or look for a job? Tough call.


The rack seems the more humane choice. Shoot myself in the head would be first, but I don’t have a gun. I’d even go the flogging route if it meant I didn’t have to apply for jobs. Send me to prison or a hospital or an asylum, a bomb factory, just no more job applications.

Could they be more pointless? I applied for another menial, minimum wage gig about a week ago. Eleven freaking pages. Online. It took more than an hour. They wanted everything, including my driver’s license number — even though the job involves no driving whatsoever. I’m desperate, not stoopid. Why not just send out invitations to identity thieves, same thing.

asylumI didn’t give it to them.

And I haven’t heard a word in response. You would think if someone took the time to complete an eleven page application (mostly) for a crappy job with a third-rate company, the employer could summon the energy to respond with a one line email? No. What happened to initiative?

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  1. It’s really annoying that job applications are now done mostly on line yet there doesn’t seem to be any two alike. Every site has a different format. They are faceless and not accountable. You can put in 20 applications a day and never hear back from one. Actually, it would be impossible to put in 20 in a day. I would venture to say five would be stretching it. They take hours to fill out.

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    1. They’re endless and mind-numbingly tests of endurance. It would be different if all the time ever paid off with a response, of any kind, but no. I think I’ll start begging in the street. I’ll bet that’s more effective than sending applications into a black hole. Oy. I need a rest. On a Caribbean cruise. Wanna stowaway with me?

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        1. Pain and I go way back, but we’ve never gotten along. Therefor I avoid any enterprise that requires screaming on my part.

          I lifted weights for 24 years, no screaming. Cursing and snorting in derision, yes, but no screaming.

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  2. Job applications REALLY suck. I did one once – for my own job – which my boss said I could have – and the database never pulled out my name. I’ve found it really helps if you tell people you know you’re looking for work. It’s a foot in the door! Good luck.

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    1. I bet you’re right. I suspected the job search site, but the last effort was through the employer’s website. I tried calling today, but HR isn’t back until Friday? I’m so disgusted with the whole process I refuse to try again. For a while, anyway. But thanks, Lucie, it helps when someone understands :o)

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