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Okay, here’s the thing: AT&T keeps adding GBs of data to my account and charging me $10 or $20 or $30. Like clockwork. They start with a text message announcing 75% of my 3 GBs has been used. Next thing you know, my phone bill’s bloated beyond recognition.

Now, I don’t use mountains of data. I’m not a big downloader and I don’t spend tons of time on the Internet. When I complain, they say I have an older iPhone (a 4s) — they’re the problem. I should just add more GBs to my plan, that’s all. Uh? No. I turned off cellular data, instead. And you know what? It’s liberating. I recommend it.

The big surprise? Those constant, unrelenting prompts for my iTunes password have stopped. That alone is worth being untethered from the Internet and email and twitter and everything else. Maybe you can explain: why should I sign in to iTunes? I don’t use iTunes. I don’t buy on iTunes. I don’t browse iTunes. Pestering me won’t change that.

Anyway, I’m getting by very nicely with wi-fi, thank you. I can check email and do everything else with minor inconvenience. AT&T should’ve recommended the cellular data strategy months ago, but more data and a higher bill was the best they could offer. I like my idea better; it’s free and saves money. Win-win.

The downside? No internet finds this week. D’oh!

Forgive me.


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