: you’re welcome to bite me :

grilled cheese

Go ahead, feast your eyes on what is a powerfully tempting sight: the classic grilled cheese sandwich. Or plateful of sunshine, whichever. You see one of those parked in front of you and, hot damn, life is worth living, winter or summer.

The crunch, the steamy aroma, the soft, gooey cheese, greasy fingers to lick — you’re holding heaven in two hands, my friend. So why are we messing with it? Put down the ciabatta bread and the focaccia, step away from the Gorgonzola and pesto, the bacon and all the rest. Stop, okay? The grilled cheese is glorious the way it is — two slices of bread, two slices of cheese, butter, and a skillet. Simple as that.

Not everything needs to be gentrified and up scaled, you know. Some things are perfect the way they are. Natural wonders. Like you, for instance. You’re ideal, an exemplary human being. Even with your foibles and idiosyncrasies and shortcomings you’re a delight. How would you like it if you were constantly undergoing renovation and updating? You wouldn’t. You’d resent it.

Imagine how the grilled cheese feels. We need to let it be, ladies and gentlemen, just keep our hands off and accept it for what it is. A plain tasty sandwich, period. It isn’t new, it isn’t improved, but the grilled cheese is a magnificent masterpiece all the same. Exactly the way nature intended.

Sure, you, too.

satisfied guy

Happy Grilled Cheese Day, boys and girls!

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18 Responses to “: you’re welcome to bite me :”

    • publikworks

      Of course. I should confess: in the summer, I add tomato slices, too. Sometimes I even do it open-face, pile cheese on top of tomato, and put it under the broiler. Ahhhmmgggg. That’s my second favorite.

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  1. lorithenaz

    “Not everything needs to be gentrified and up scaled, you know. Some things are perfect the way they are.” So true. Thank you.

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