: the trouble with advertising? :

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They’re candy-asses. And agencies are just as guilty, they’re the enablers. They let clients neuter brilliant, powerful, effective ideas into lame crap, then apologize when the campaigns fail. Anything for a buck, that’s the new industry motto, I think. Creative standards have vanished, crushed under the weight of relentless testing and measuring and metrics.

Uh, yoohoo, advertising isn’t a science. It’s an art. It can’t be quantified, only felt. Well, good advertising, anyway. That’s what you’re supposed to shoot for: impact. Not numbers, for crying out loud. Take the money you waste on testing and put it into production. Stop blending in, start standing out. Or has the goal changed?

If you believe in your product and in your agency, you have everything you need to be a big, fat success. As long as you remember, the riskiest ad is the safe one — no one notices those except the marketing director. They’re white noise. Man up, be daring, be bold. Do something that makes a towering, memorable splash.

Maybe if you worried more about generating revenue than covering your own ass, we could turn this stagnant economy around. You think? Get consumers spending again? There’s a novel idea.

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Whoa, where did that come from? The 90s? I really shouldn’t let things fester.

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6 responses to “: the trouble with advertising? :”

  1. This was excellent!


    1. Wow, thanks! You made my week :o)

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      1. Aww you’re very welcome! ☕


        1. Come back any time. The door is always open.

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  2. Haha. Scathing. How did you get into advertising? I’m currently looking into agency work. Unless you’re saying this from the perspective of someone who stands outside agency windows giving nasty looks. Which is cool too. :)


    1. I was a copywriter for decades, but now I’m outside giving nasty looks. You should start by contacting creative directors and emailing links to your work, even if it’s spec stuff. Or, if you’re really ambitious, design a piece specifically to get their attention, that’s your best bet. Good luck!

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