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Once in a very great while you stumble blindly into a perfect moment. Call it serendipity or epiphanic or an accident, they are what make life worth living. The slogging and monotony of the everyday gives way to wonder, an unexpected bliss.


You can’t plan or prepare or put them on a schedule. They come along in their own sweet time. In their own quixotic, amazing way. From very unlikely places.

A bottle of dishwashing liquid, for instance. I put it down on the counter, and dozens of tiny, fragile, iridescent bubbles streamed from the spout, filling the air. They fluttered and danced and swirled. It was idyllic. Uplifting.

My mind’s still blown. The last thing you imagine finding in a bottle of Dawn is exhilaration. A bottle of Joy, maybe, but Dawn? Life is full of surprises.

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