: still recuperating :

Stats plummeted last month in a scary, screaming nosedive, but even that was a crushing disappointment. I missed setting the record for worst month ever by 24 lousy visits. So close.

If I’m going down, I want a conflagration; I want explosions and charred debris, towering flames, smoke and rubble. I want people to watch in stunned disbelief, reverent wonder. Instead, I went down in a wussy fizzle. Sorry.

head helmetBut, hey, it’s a new month and we’re  off to a faltering, lethargic limp already. This could be the one, boys and girls, the month where we hobble into history with a brand new, all-time, record low number of visits. Yeehaa! Let’s cross our fingers and keep a good thought.

In the meantime, I’ve fastened my thinking cap, pictured above. Changes, I believe, are called for. These could be anything from drastic and sweeping to barely noticeable, although probably somewhere in between. Like you, I won’t know until they happen. You should prepare, however, for sudden changes in direction, wild fluctuations in altitude, unexpected stops and starts.

Consider a helmet of your own, pictured below. Designer Jyo Jon Mulloor created these to resemble the bare heads of riders. You’ll want something of a similar nature if you expect to stop by here.

helmets_assortedNotice, I’ve turned on the No Smoking sign, so strap in and hang on tight. Remember, too, your seat cushion can be used as a flotation device. Aw, nuts, I forgot to file a flight plan. We’re aren’t cleared for departure — we could be here awhile.

fingers crossed
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12 responses to “: still recuperating :”

  1. I stopped looking at WP stats…they seem to have lost their relevance to me, but that’s probably because mine suck.

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    1. I’m fascinated by how they’ve plunged. What in the world have I done, that’s what I keep wondering? But there’s no money involved, so … meh.

      As long as I’m entertained I’ll keep going. The second it’s not? Adios, amigo.

      By the way, mine have to be worse than yours. Seven recorded visits one day last week. Seven, as in single digit. I’m waiting for the day with 0 — bupkis.


  2. I haven’t been out in awhile either and here I am stopping by to witness you take flight…maybe.

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    1. Thank goodness you’re back. I thought I’d pissed you off somehow — I do that, apparently by osmosis or photosynthesis, I’m not exactly sure.

      Anyway, I’m so happy you’re back. Let’s go sputtering and flailing down the runway together, hit some treetops, and bounce along the ground from there. Sound good?

      Hope all is well there in the land of silk purse. Damn, I’ve missed you.

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      1. You could never piss me off. You make me laugh too much. Thanks for missing me. :-)

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        1. No, thank you for not being pissed :o)

          And for coming back.

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  3. But you got a blogger back from the dead to read….so that counts for something, right?!

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    1. Jumping Jehoshaphat, where the heck have you been? And, yes, that counts for everything, kiddo! Is it really you? I can’t believe my eyes — you’ve blown my mind. I’m tickled pink you’ve come back!


      1. Ha! I’m back but not really. More details on my blog. I have something new cooked up. Thanks for noticing :)


      2. Also, summer stats are always THE WORST. (You probably knew that, though.) Something about people wanting to get out enjoy the day and spend time with nature. The nerve! Well, we will see you in the winter so there, you people out living your balanced lives.

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        1. Wait, whoa, lives? You’re such a kidder.

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