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female_warningHead’s up, boys and girls, I submitted another article to the New York Times. Now, it’s time to seek shelter from the backlash of crushed hopes.

The tingly thrill when the idea first presents itself is long gone. I get jazzed by ideas, even bad ones. New thoughts start parading around the old noggin, the brain sputters to life. I perk right up when an idea dawns. It’s a shiny, new opportunity I haven’t effed up yet. Those are good times.

But then comes the drudgery. The actual work, ugh — I won’t dwell on it. Suffice to say, completing the first draft is sweet relief. The angst is gone, the rickety foundation laid, and I’m released from brain lock. What follows, the revising and polishing, is a cakewalk by comparison. Okay, not a cakewalk, but not a death march either. There’s progress and glimmers, good things.

When, at last, it’s ready, I hit the ‘send’ button.

And off they go — my pithy, eloquent article, with enormous hopes attached. With a whoosh, they’re shot into the stratosphere. That’s what I did yesterday, sent my hopes soaring with another submission. Here, nineteen hours later, I’m still hung over from the buzz. It’s down to a fizz, but bubbly nonetheless.

However, by tomorrow at this time, my giddy whirl will be over, the hoo-ha evaporated. I’ll be moody and surly and kicking chairs. Take cover. If you see me coming, cross to the other side of the street. Or flatten yourself against a building. Do not make eye contact. Well, you can, but you’ll be sorry. The look on my face, well, best not to look. Or listen. I’ll be muttering and swearing like a longshoreman, so just keep walking.

Is it worth all this? The hours of work, the mood swings and blows to the ego, the rejection and dismissal? Usually. Heck, it’s a roller coaster, screaming is part of the ride. Besides, I’m convinced the Times will, one day, rethink their lofty, harebrained standards.

And one of my little submissions will sneak past on tiptoes.


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12 responses to “: approach with caution :”

    1. Thanks. But I didn’t get a response, so I’ll try another publication. I have no idea which one yet; they all want you to wait three months or more for a response that will only come if they’re interested. That’s nuts :o/


  1. Good luck! I hope they accept something from you.

    The part of your post about crashing hopes sounds sadly familiar. I struggle to get a retweet, never mind an article in the New York Times. As for my blog… Ugh! It’s like throwing pebbles into the ocean.

    By the way, I also had a black box when I looked at your site on my i-Pad, but it was fine on my computer and my i-Pod. (I did appreciate your “sorry!” sticker on the black box, though. Cute!)

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    1. If I ever, ever change themes again, shoot me. Please. Would you do me a favor and try it on your iPad again? See if the black bar has disappeared. I’ve unchecked ‘Enable mobile device.’ That can cause weird things — maybe. I think I was told that somewhere along the line. One more screw up and I’m going back to my old one. Gah!


      1. Hi again!

        Just had a look, but I’m sorry to say the box is still there. It’s pretty extensive, I’m afraid. It starts after the “A” of approach and finishes a fraction before the end of the “N” of caution so the title looks like it says “A Caution!” It then stretches all the way down the page.

        I feel for you. Themes are a menace! Anyway, I hope you can get it sorted out.

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        1. Gah! I reported the issue to wp support yesterday afternoon, so far the only response said a staff member might be along be to report it to a theme developer. I’m seriously thinking of going back to my old theme.

          The good news is, this has taken my mind off my submission being ignored, too. By the way, I’m a terrible tweeter, I lose followers almost instantly. And I don’t blame them a bit.

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          1. Got my fingers crossed for you! :-)

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            1. I gave up and went back to the old one. I hate doing that, but what’s the point if everything you’ve written is blacked out? I’ll take a minute or 10,000 and regroup. This is so stressful :o/ Thanks for hanging in there, you’re the best.

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              1. You’re welcome. (The old theme looks good too, by the way.)

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                1. You can read it, that’s a plus. But I’m so ready to move on, you know?

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  2. okay, why the black box down the entire post…can’t read the content.


    1. oh, no! seriously? are you using a mobile device?


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