: mentioning the unmentionables :

clothesline-hiNational Underwear Day Is Here!

Shoot, let’s do more than mention them, let’s glorify those delightful hidden comforts — underthings. We know them by a variety of names: delicates, undies, drawers, skivvies, tighty whities, unmentionables, lingerie, underclothes. Much of the mystery has gone out of them now, thanks to the lazy bums who wear their pants at knee level.

Hey, droopy drawers, either pull up your britches or take ‘em off. Make a decision.

I really shouldn’t tell you thi– oh, what the hell. You know Carter’s? The kids’ clothing company? That’s the underwear I wore until well into my 30s. Little kid’s underwear. They were just incredibly comfortable, though, so soft and snug. White, 100% cotton, banded leg, size 16. Heck, I even had room to grow, they went all the way to size 20.

I reluctantly switched to Jockey For Her, the hipsters, when embarrassment finally overwhelmed the comfort. I still miss the Carter’s, though. To this very day. Underwear has gotten very complicated. A simple purchase isn’t simple at all. You’ve got your thong, your bikini, French bikini, hipster, brief, boyshort, high-cut. Styles, fabrics, colors, patterns. All the choices make my head swim. Enough already.

beakerKipperYou know what I wish? I wish they made Underoos for grown-ups. I want cartoon characters on my underpants. I want primary colors and goofiness, I want the Minions and Beaker and Wile E. Coyote, I want Wonder Woman and Bart Simpson and Kipper.

I’d dispense with outerwear altogether and live in my Underoos. I would. I don’t care. How can I contact the people at Underoos? This is a gold mine.

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NOTE: Having just returned from the laundromat, I’m sorry to report my underwear situation has reached a critical stage. After years of faithful service, they’re mostly elastic now, with bits of lint in random spots. I’m ashamed to fold them in public, so I stuffed them in the bag, cinched it up, and vamoosed. They’re resting comfortably behind a closed door, tucked away on a high shelf.

Happy Underwear Day to them and to you!

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19 responses to “: mentioning the unmentionables :”

  1. You see this is where it becomes difficult, I love pretties. I do. Pretties I have a special setting on the washer and the dryer for. Some pretties I even have to take to the dry cleaner (he grows quite red when I do). Pretties with lovely lacing up the back, matching garters, wonderful lace and other things that push and pull and attach.

    Boy Shorts, yes please in silk and satin or lace even.

    I think it must all be a matter of perspective.


    1. I admire you. We should all take as much care with our appearance as you. It’s a form of respect. Me? If I’m clean and dry I’m ready to go.


  2. I missed it? Had I known, I would have worn a clean pair yesterday.

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    1. At least you wore some, clean or not. Consider yourself a bona fide participant.


      1. I’m no Lenny Kravitz…

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          1. Apparently Mr. Kravitz had a wardrobe malfunction and his leather trousers split onstage. It became readily apparent to the audience that he prefers to perform commando.

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            1. Leather? Well, those would get warm, especially with the lights and all. Still …


              1. I would imagine that rockers would want to avoid having a VTWL (Visible Tighty Whitey Line) with their leather pants.

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    1. Hahahaha, we better wait for the check to clear before we celebrate :o)

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  3. Wow! Had I known it was national underwear day today, I would not have gone commando! I would have actually adorned my fat ass with the laciest thong I could find and worn a matching low-cut push up bra! Always the last to find stuff out!

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    1. My fault. I should’ve given you a head’s up, I’ve known for weeks. Sorry!


  4. underpants, pantaloons, boxers, briefs, drawers, undies, panties… wadda we do without them?

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    1. Let’s not speculate. No, not a good idea : o)

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  5. Oh my god. Only a couple lines into this and I thought “Ooh! Ooh! I know how I’m going to comment on this post. I’ll write: I wish they made Underoos for adults!” Alas, then I got to your fifth paragraph, and my hopes and reams of the perfect comment for this post were cruelly dashed. :(

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    1. Okay, just this one time, I’ll share the royalties and the credit with you. Fair?

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