: now they’re waterproof :

faucet_dripBooks are lovely, don’t you think? Delightful treasures we keep forever or, on occasion, write heartfelt dedications in and give as gifts. Those gifts become someone else’s treasure and the cycle continues. Books are important.

But we’ve no regard for their frangibility. They’re not indestructible, you know. Books are paper and ink, some glue; they’re not steel, they aren’t engraved. Yet, we fold, spindle, and mutilate to beat the band. Admit it, you lick your finger before turning the page, don’t you? Or spill stuff in there? Sneeze into it? Crack the binding? The most common form of vandalism, I bet, is the dog-eared page — we crease the living daylights out of them. We’re clearly abusers. And it’s a big club.

I’m a charter member. I’ve dropped more than my share of books in puddles and sinks and tubs. I’ve used them as weapons against bugs, treated them as coasters and doorstops and paperweights, I’ve even thrown a few. Yeah, me, the big, self-proclaimed book lover — I subject them to a host of indignities. Regularly. It’s criminal how hard we are on books when you think about it. Let’s show a little respect, okay? There’s an easy way.

A Kickstarter company called Bibliobath has developed a way to protect books from us and pw_bookmark earsour slovenly ways. They’ve waterproofed them. By using special inks and a synthetic paper that “feels like real paper” books will be impervious to the typical damage we cause.And it’s about time, too. Someone should’ve thought of this years ago. The company, a husband/wife operation, plans on shipping orders in October of this year.

Now, I’m no chemist, but wouldn’t the waterproofing act as a protectant against sneezing and drooling, spilling and finger-licking, too? Certainly. And, looky, a free bookmark to protect those delicate pages from dog-ears and unsightly wrinkles. Just click on the image (it’s full size), hit print, trim where indicated and, Bob’s your Uncle, a brand new bookmark.

Come on, let’s head for the tub and see if they float.

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8 thoughts on “: now they’re waterproof :

    1. Isn’t that amazing? I can’t wait to get a copy of Infinite Jest in the waterproofed edition and head for the tub. I won’t be out for a month :o) And you’re very welcome, it was an absolute pleasure.

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    1. My book acquisitions have plunged dramatically since I re-discovered the library. But every so often I read one I can’t live without, so I go buy it. Even though it’s impractical and I don’t have the money, I’ve no trouble rationalizing the extravagant expense. I wish I did.

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