: obituary for summer :

dialog balloonSummer slipped away quietly at 4:20 (EDT) this morning. Words cannot describe the loss, the sense of sorrow; nothing can.

The season had been losing strength and vitality in recent days, with the sun retiring earlier in the evenings and needing more time to rise with each passing day. It went peacefully in our sleep. Today, our hearts lie heavy with sadness and grief; we’ve lost a warm, beloved season.

Autumn is here as a replacement, but it’s a very poor substitute. More of a buttinsky, really. The glories of summer cannot be replaced. Certainly not by the likes of Fall. It blows.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to cry until I throw up.

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19 Responses to “: obituary for summer :”

  1. musingsbymegha

    You echoed my thoughts perfectly! I felt the first cool breeze of fall this afternoon as well.. It made this summer baby sad.. Time for the hibernation to begin ;)

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    • publikworks

      Aren’t you planted in the Northeast? Your lawn won’t look drought-stricken for long. It’ll start looking freezer-burned in a matter of weeks :o). We all will.


    • publikworks

      The worst part? This one’s supposed to be especially nasty according to predictions. They always are, I know, but I’m scared this time and I don’t know why.


  2. Salem The Chat

    It’s even worse if you feel you could have made more of the summer and have to wait until next year now.

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