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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, New York Comic Con is coming and really, really soon. I’m jumping the gun a little, but who cares?

This is a huge event. Maybe even more hotly anticipated than an iPhone launch — especially in pop culture circles. So prepare for a lot of hype and a ton of hoopla. On a positive note, it’s exciting enough to take the edge off October’s arrival.

Garish colors, whiz-bang effects, bells and whistles and explosions help us forget the soggy, gray world outside. Speaking for myself, I prefer the Mad Max world of aliens and monsters and superheros, Smurfs and Minions to the bland, predictable everyday. It’s so much more fun.

batmanNew York Comic Con is headed to the Javits Center in New York, October 8th — 11th. The site will be crammed wall-to-wall with amazing, eye-popping stuff. All new Star Wars. Dunny’s. Doctor Who. New stuff from Marvel and DC Comics. Kidrobot exclusives. The Walking Dead.

And it’s sold out.

We’ll miss the lines and the crushing crowd and the weirdos, which isn’t a hardship. But we’ll miss the excitement, too, the drama of seeing the awesome designs with our own eyes and getting swept away by the intoxicating new toy smell. Meh, never fear, we can participate in spirit. Through the glory of the Internet. I’ll be here, closely monitoring the action.

Personally, I have a weakness for Gary Baseman and Frank Kozik figures, Simpsons, too. Kathie Olivas creations. I’m a sucker for toys. And I’m a sucker for design. Put them together and I’m helpless — virtually hypnotic, but short of drooling. I’m also poor, so I have to be content with looking, not buying. Distance makes that easier.

Here’s a too small sampling of what’s expected at the 2015 New York Comic Con:

jack_vampire teddy

And that’s the very latest in toy news, but stay tuned for late breaking developments. You never know what those things are planning. Aloha.

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  1. How could you have allowed this to get by you? The holy grail and you didn’t get tickets…my oh my.

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    1. Damn, I was hoping no one would notice. There’s always next year, if I can manage to remember. And save.


  2. I have to keep this post away from my sons because of the last photograph. Everything is minions these days. I don’t see any price tag, but of course if they think I’m paying, price is no object.

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    1. It’s a minion. In a grass skirt. With a coconut bra. What’s money?

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      1. I think you must have been peeking into their thought processes. :)

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        1. I bet I share their income level, too.

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          1. Yes, I think my income may be in about the same place too.


  3. Very enjoy for your blog funny blog too thank you

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    1. Thank you so much. What a nice way to start the day :o)


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