: a soul-searching examination :

I hate to get all metaphysical on you, but I’ve been wondering about the soul lately. More specifically, what the heck is it? If there’s a good answer, I can’t find it. I couldn’t even find an adequate definition, nothing to indicate whether the soul is real or imagined.


I checked the New Oxford American Dictionary, a generally reliable source, and was in no way enlightened, just disappointed:
soul | sōl |
1 the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.
• a person’s moral or emotional nature or sense of identity.
• the essence of something.
• emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, esp. as revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance.

ORIGIN Old English sāwol, sāw(e)l, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch ziel and German Seele.

Immaterial. Immortal. Essence. Fine, beat around the bush, why don’t you?

That definition tells us squat. I have a ton of nagging, unanswered questions, like does a bug have a soul? A flower? What’s the nature of a soul? Tangible or intangible? Is it similar to a gas? What does it do all day? Where’s it housed in the body? Is it free-floating? Does it really exist?

It seems suspiciously like a poetic device, if you ask me. A fancy, lovely word, albeit abstract and meaningless. Brevity has a soul. A watercolor has a soul. Motown has soul. Humans, everything has a soul, apparently. Animate or not.

This post, too, has a soul. Oh, sure. It’s the very soul of deception, masquerading as thoughtful discourse. And I apologize, I was desperate for a topic. But, c’mon, you should be used to this by now. You take a chance coming here. Great posts are virtually unheard of in these parts, scarce as hen’s teeth — even decent posts are a long shot.

But, bless your hearts, you’re such good sports about it I feel like a heel. So no more chicanery, no more bait-and-switch tactics. Huh, what do you know. There’s a certainty we can rely on: my immortal soul is destined for eternal damnation.

Excuse me while I kiss my no good, lying ass goodbye.


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2 responses to “: a soul-searching examination :”

  1. I think that the way we use the term “soul” with regard to, well, everything other than humans reveals what we think about the nature of the soul in humans. That is, if the “soul” of a thing is its essence, its “thing-ness,” than the soul is what makes up the essence of being human.

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    1. You’re so sweet to try, but I’m hopeless. Over my head it went, no matter how hard I tried to understand. I must have a dead spot in my brain :o(

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